Trishala Dutt – Elder Daughter of Sunjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt and her Daughter Trisha Dutt

Woman Power, Delhi Magazine: Trishala Dutt is a daugter of Bollywood actor Sunjay Dutt and his first wife Richa Sharma. Significantly, in the year 1996, Richa died due to cancer. She is a psychotherapist in the US and is quite active on social media. She is also an entrepreneur. She is founder of Dream Tresses, the hair extension brand.

Trishala Dutt beautiful pics

Trishala is undoubtedly away from the film world but she has tremendous fan following.

TrishalA Dutt in her childhood with her father sunjay dutt

Trishala Dutt born on 10th August, 1988 in Mumbai. She was just 8 years old when her mother Richa Sharma died, she was brought up by her maternal aunt Enna Sharma and maternal grandparents in New York, USA .

Richa Sharma and Sunjay Dutt
Richa Sharma ( Trishala Dutt’s mom and Sunjay dutt’s 1st wife) with Sunjay dutt


Trishala Dutt's maternal grandparents and aunt
Trishala Dutt’s maternal grandparents

Trisha Dutt earned her undergraduate degree in criminal law from the JJ College of Criminal Justice, New York, and went on to Hofstra University to pursue a master’s degree in psychology.

Trishala dutt with her grand father sunil dutt

While Sanjay Dutt is a big Bollywood actor, his daughter Trishala is away from films. Trishala may be away from films, but she remains very active on social media, and keeps sharing her glamorous pictures. Through such pictures, she always remains in the limelight of social media. Let me tell you, more than 5 lakh people follow him on Instagram.

hot n sexy pic of trishala dutt

From her personality to face cut etc. everything is like her parents. This starkid may be away from the world of glamour, but her mere pictures are enough to make people her fans. Proof of this is also present on her Instagram account, in which Trishala’s super glamorous look gives tremendous style goals.
Even though Trishala stays away from her father, there is a very good relationship between the two, as well as she gets along well with Manyata Dutt. At the same time, Sanjay Dutt often goes to America to meet him.

Sunjay Dutt full family- wife manyata dutt, elder daguter- trishala dutt, another daughter iqra dutt, and son shahraan dutt

I am proud of my father. We need to keep this thing in mind that addiction takes hold slowly, later it takes the person under its control. There are more deadly consequences of taking drugs after addiction. We take the decision to take drugs but it is not easy to quit. Papa will always be on recovery. He fights this disease everyday and has now given up drugs. I am proud that he came out in front and accepted it and sought help to quit drugs. I am proud there is no shame.

Sanjay Dutt and her Daughter Trisha Dutt

Trishala Dutt recently held an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with fans on Instagram, in which she was answering questions from fans. In response to a question, Trishala Dutt revealed her longest lasting relationship.

Trishala Dutt has lost her boy friend in july 2019. Currently she is single. She shared a sad post about her boyfriend and wrote “Today marks 1 year since I lost this incredible man. I’ve done a lot of grief work—from talk therapy, to joining specific support groups & being more intentional with how & who I spend my time with. I’ve also been somewhat absent from social media over the past year.

Losing my mom at the age of eight & working through that for over two decades, surprisingly, did not prepare me for loosing this beautiful soul. It’s not just the passage of time, you don’t get over it or move on just because a year or twenty go by. You have to face the darkest moments & ride out the rollercoaster of emotions for the rest of your life. I knew grief wasn’t only sadness, however, I’d forgotten it creeps up in the sneakiest of ways. In the past year I’ve cried to a point where I’ve ran out of tears. I had to quit my job because how could I take care of someone’s mental health if my own was a disaster? I’ve had several public breakdowns where strangers have come up to me and asked if I needed any assistance. I’ve also eaten everything in sight and gained 30lbs (13kg). But it’s fine. It happens. Its the process, and it’s nothing I can’t fix once I’m in the right mind-set (and I’m happy to share my mental health and physique has gotten so much better!) Also, I’m not ashamed to admit it’s because of an amazing therapist, support groups, and 3 beautiful friends. Everyone processes loss differently, and there’s no right way to do it. However, for me, in this current moment, it’s helpful to be surrounded by things that remind me of him. I have text messages and handwritten notes.

I still have his toothbrush, listen to some of his favorite songs/artists, and have his T-shirt that smells just like him. I’m beyond grateful for the time we had together. He lived his life boldly, out loud, and took advantage of each and every day authentically. He was the utmost gentleman who always made me feel safe. He made me laugh and loved to joke around. He was kind, gentle, thoughtful, and always chose to put me first. He was helpful, supportive, and a great listener. He trusted me, took good care of me, and took great care of my heart. He..(continued in IG comments)”.

Trishala Dutt with her ex boy friend who has died years ago
Trishala Dutt said, ‘My longest relationship lasted for 7 years. I would not like to give much detail as to why the relationship broke up. I would just say that both of us had decided to part ways with mutual consent at that time. He was ready for a new life at that time, but I was not. Year after year more and more differences cropped up between us.

Trishala Dutt further said, ‘Overall we both went too far. It happens like this. Today he is married and has children too. All the best to him from my side.

Trishala Dutt with her step sister - iqra dutt

For years, it is being seen that the children of Bollywood celebs i.e. star kids make their career in the film world only.

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