7 Jewellery Items Every Woman Should Have in 2022

Bridal Maang Tikka

Fashion Desk, Delhi Magazine: The right accessories will emphasize individuality and femininity, and they will not lose their relevance even after many years.

A little black dress, classic jeans, a beige trench coat and a white t-shirt – everyone knows what a basic wardrobe is. These are things that are perfectly combined with each other, and you don’t want to take them off at all. In such outfits, diluting them with accessories and choosing the right shoes, you can go “both to the feast and to the world.”

But without jewelry, the image is unlikely to be complete: the details emphasize the outfit, complement it and turn a casual set into an evening one. Stylists believe that a basic set of accessories is just as necessary as a capsule wardrobe. It consists of decorations that suit everyone and remain relevant for years. In addition, such details of the image are perfectly combined with each other, which means that they can be mixed, creating many different sets.

So, about the universal set of jewelry

1. Maang Tikka

The first ornament worn by the bride is Maang Tikka. Because it is mainly applied on demand, this tikka is called maang tikka. A part of it also comes on the forehead in front. The rest can be modified slightly according to different designs.

Bridal Maang Tikka

2. Necklaces

This combination sounds very impressive. Some will even present a massive pendant on a heavy chain. But stylists suggest starting with lighter models: a great option is a small pendant of any shape with a stone, and a chain with adjustable length. Any look with a cute pendant will look more interesting and get a twist.

lightweight necklace

The best way to emphasize femininity is to focus on the ankles and wrists. According to experts, such a technique will visually save you from several kilograms, make you taller and more elegant. A bracelet will help draw attention to your hands. It can be anything: woven from several chains, consist of flat links or from a single strip of metal.

This is a chameleon accessory that is always appropriate: together with an evening dress it will create an elegant look, and worn with T-shirts and jeans it will become a flirty accent.

3. Rings

Another versatile accessory. Now sets of rings in the same style are especially popular, they can be mixed, put on all at once or one at a time, adjusting the accent of the jewelry, depending on the occasion.

ringjwelery for her

4. Earrings

More massive than classic studs, earrings will help draw attention to the face. The main thing is to choose a piece of jewelry in which you can easily walk all day, with a comfortable clasp, comfortable weight and length. Then the accessory will become a lifesaver for monochrome outfits: a black turtleneck, a white blouse or a strict jacket.

earings jewellery for her

5. Nose Ring

Nose Ring enhances your beauty . It is one of the sixteen makeup ornaments for Ladies . Not only this, after marriage, women wear Nose Pin in the Nose Ring instead of the nose.

nosering jewellery for her

6. Anklet

Anklet is an important part of women’s jewellery. The sound emanating from anklets helps in establishing dominance of positive energy in the house.


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7. Braclet/Bangles

It is said that the wrists of women should not remain untouched. She should always be adorned with a Braclet or bangles. Please note that different colors of bangles have different significances. If we talk about red colored bangles, then it indicates that after marriage she is completely happy and satisfied, while green colored bangles symbolize that after marriage there will be prosperity in her family.


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