Helix Piercing – All About Risk, Recommendation and Costs

Helix piercing

Beauty Desk, Delhi Magazine: Piercings have become very trendy in recent years. They occur in various places in the body. Ear piercings are the most popular. There are several types including tragus, rook, daith, conch and helix piercings. The latter is one of the most appreciated by women.Ear piercings are very trendy right now. Tempted by the helix piercing? We tell you everything about it, from the risks to the care to be taken.

What is Helix Piercing

The helix piercing is one of the most classic ear piercings. It is an earring at the level of the upper and outer edge of the pavilion, which is called the helix. As this piercing is pierced through the cartilage, it takes a little longer than a regular ear hole to heal completely.

Forward helix piercing

The forward helix piercing is placed in the upper cartilage of the ear, just above the tragus and facing forward.

Forward helix piercings do not require any specialized equipment and can be done as usual, just like a standard lobe piercing.

helix piercing

The helix piercing indicates its name to the place where it is performed. It is done on the outer upper part of the auricle which bears the name of helix. This piercing therefore makes it possible to wear an earring at the level of the helix. There may be multiple piercings in this part of the ear. We speak of double helix when there are two piercings and triple helix when there are three. There can be as many as you want.

Double helix piercing

For a  helix piercing , you can choose between a ring jewel and a stud jewel. The ring is thick and larger. It is probably best suited to people who are not afraid to assert their originality.

double piercing

Double helix piercings are extremely stylish and are becoming more and more popular over time. These helix piercings allow you to customize your look.

Of course, any new piercing requires some serious thought, so you’ll be more ready than ever to make the right decision.

For the more discreet, the stud, labret or ear stud is what is needed. This small bar is composed of a rod and a screw end. Simple and sober , it can even go unnoticed depending on the model chosen.

double helix piercing

Regardless of the type of helix piercing chosen, the ideal rod diameter is 1.2 mm. This thickness is generally combined with a ring of 8 to 10 mm in diameter. For a stud, the length of the rod is often between 6 to 7 mm.

Helix piercing: how does it work?

Before the piercing, the professional first disinfects your ear and marks the puncture point. Then, when you are ready, the piercer pierces the helical cartilage with a piercing needle under strong pressure. Some piercers prefer punching, which involves removing part of the cartilage using a special punching device.

After the piercing, a “medical” piercing is first used for healing – you will need to wear it until the wound is completely healed. The time it takes varies a lot, but as a general rule, a helix piercing is truly healed after 3 to 6 months. Since cartilage is generally less irrigated by blood than soft tissues, you have to be patient for the healing process. Only then can you put on the ear cuff you like.

Some Recommendations before puttinng  the Helix Piercing

Despite its simple and innocuous appearance, the helix piercing should not be taken lightly. There are some precautions you need to take before putting it on. In particular, it is necessary to take the time to fully mature your decision to have a helix piercing, because you will have to wear it for a very long time. If you’re sure you really want it, you can go for it.

heli piercing leaf

When putting on a helix piercing, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and be clean before treatment. This limits any risk of infection . Also, make sure the piercer’s equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized . It is also recommended to eat well before having a helix piercing. This will keep you in good shape, which can help you avoid possible discomfort .

How long does it take for a helix piercing to heal?

It can take up to a year or more for one person and only a few months for another. The healing of a helix piercing usually lasts between 3 and 6 months . It will be even faster if all the rules of hygiene are respected. Have your piercer follow you until the piercing heals completely.

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Is the healing of a helix piercing painful?

Given the area of ​​the ear in which it is done, the helix piercing can be quite painful . Indeed, the helix is ​​made up mainly of cartilage , which makes the operation a little more painful than the piercing of the earlobe. It is however only a brief pain , rather bearable. So you have nothing to fear. If you’re not ready to get your helix pierced, you can always opt for clip-on piercings (fake piercings) in the meantime.

Helix piercing: the risks to be aware of

Having a helix earring, like any other piercing, comes with some risk. Unlike earlobe holes, piercings that are pierced through the cartilage unfortunately do not heal as quickly and easily.

The greatest danger is therefore that inflammation or irritation of the skin may occur after the piercing. Allergic reactions and pigmentation disorders are also possible. If complications arise, you should immediately go to your piercer. He will tell you what to do. Most inflammations can be controlled relatively well with proper care and ointments.

Helix piercing: how to properly care for your ear piercing

For a quick healing process, you should pay attention to the following points after the piercing:

  • Do not touch or play with helix piercings. If you do, wash and sanitize your hands first.
  • Spray the piercing 3 times a day with disinfectant spray.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medication, eg aspirin, for the first few days.
  • During the first two weeks: refrain from going to the swimming pool, solarium, sauna and from practicing certain sports (ball sports, gymnastics, etc.).
  • During the first days, do not put the piercing in contact with care products such as soap, shampoo , lacquer…
  • During sleep, do not lie directly on the piercing, it is better to turn to the other side.
  • Beware of hats, scarves, or other accessories that can get caught in the piercing.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect any scabs with warm chamomile water.
  • Do not remove the piercing under any circumstances.

pixel piercing

How much does a helix piercing cost?

It cannot be said in general terms how much to pay for a helix piercing. A helix piercing can cost – depending on the piercing studio and region – like other ear piercings also around 30 to 80 euros. Besides the piercing itself, the price usually includes jewelry and care products.

Caring for pierced ears

Simply piercing this part of the body should not cause any healing problems . Ear piercing heals from several weeks to 3 months. How to take care of them?

  • Avoid touching your ear and play with the earring as little as possible
  • Change pillowcase for the first 2 weeks of treatment
  • When using hair cosmetics , make sure that it does not get into a fresh wound.
  • Flush the wound with saline
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