‘It’s part of the job’: Gal Gadot Opens up About Injuries after Filming

Gal Gadot

38-year-old Israeli actress Gal Gadot has opened up about injuries she sustained while filming her latest film, Heart of Stone. The Sun writes about it.

The screen star admitted that she had broken four discs on her neck and back after filming action scenes for a Netflix spy thriller.

“I had a lot of bruises. I remember one Sunday I was walking with the girls in a park in London, and someone looked at me strangely,” said the wife of Yaron Versano.

“I was in a summer dress, oblivious to the fact that my legs and back were completely bruised. I was with my daughters and people looked at me like something was wrong.”

Gadot noted that this is part of her job, so injuries are inevitable.

“There are parts of making films that I don’t like. I really like to fight and do hand-to-hand combat,” admitted Gal Gadot.

The actress explained that she is good at expressing herself using her body, adding that fight scenes are “the only thing they do that makes her feel in control.”

After being crowned Miss Israel in 2004, Gal completed two years of mandatory military service in the country before studying to be a lawyer while modeling.

In 2009, her fighting abilities were first seen on the screen when the star played in the film “Fast and the Furious”.

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Last week, The Wonder Woman star basked in the sun in a simple black Ganni one-piece swimsuit and shared a summery look with fans. She completed her ensemble with a wide-brimmed straw hat and black sunglasses.


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