10 Unknown Facts About the Female Human Body

interesting facts about female body

Human anatomy is different for both men and women all around the world. The organs and the senses might be similar, but their activity levels are different. One of the most extraordinary powers of the female human body is allowing the growth of another human being inside them, i.e., childbearing. It is one of the most gifted experiences that a woman witnesses, all because of her body. The famous saying “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” is somewhat true and can be explained further with some unknown facts about the female human body.

interesting facts about female body

Some Interesting Facts About Female Body

  1. One of the most unusual facts about women’s bodies is that they are known to have a higher threshold for pain than the opposite gender. This is directly related to women’s wellness and health as a healthy body increases the tolerance of pain for women significantly.
  2. Another unknown fact about a woman’s body is their ability to utilize their visual senses better due to genetic mutation. This is why women are known to have a better color vocabulary that categorizes each color into multiple subcategories. One of the main reasons contributing to this enhanced visual sense is meditation which in turn also aids women’s wellness overall.
  3. Women’s brains are said to be more delicately wired, even though it is believed that in size, a woman’s brain is a minimum of 9% to 10% smaller than their counterparts’ brains. This also allows a better connection between the left and right brain hemispheres, directly impacting emotional and rational behavior, making women more emotionally aware and rational decision-makers.
  4. Another unusual, lesser-known fact about the female human body is that they have less water in the tissues. This directly affects the sweat glands in their body, which is why women are known to sweat less even after participating in rigorous workout routines to maintain their health and support other women’s wellness by encouraging them to do the same.
  5. One reason why women are known to be better caregivers is because biologically, women are more sensitive to high pitch noises and have a bigger angular cingulate cortex in the brain that directly affects their emotional intelligence. This comes in handy during childbirth and results in heightened awareness and understanding between the mother and the baby.
  6. Active participation of women in physical activities that directly contribute to women’s wellness has announced itself as a significant benefit as women are known to have better immune systems. The main reason is the powerful hormone estrogen.
  7. The female human body is also known to store fat for a longer period of time. The common areas where this stored fat settles are the lower abdomen, stomach, and thighs to start preparing the female body for pregnancy.
  8. The female human body, pre-menopause, has important hormones that directly impact the risk of heart diseases. These hormones protect the heart against multiple heart diseases, supporting the research that women have fewer heart attacks than their counterparts.
  9. Interestingly, the female human body can easily sync up its menstrual cycle to other female bodies around. This is possible because of the pheromones that get activated every time another female body comes in contact physically, syncing up the monthly menstrual cycles.
  10. Intense bodybuilding exercises and cool down yoga routines are known to be the key reasons behind women’s wellness and improved health. However, because of the female hormone estrogen, women have higher muscular endurance and better flexibility. Additionally, this hormone also adds to the stamina levels of women.

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Additional Course of Action

Other than these unknown facts, there are multiple other facts about the female body, like the epidermis tissue that is 25% thinner than its counterpart, making them more prone to skin infections and allergies like acne, dry skin, pigmentation, etc. According to women’s wellness clinics worldwide, most skin-related issues can be managed with proper consultation, right supplementation, and correct use of products. At present, the need of the hour is focussed care of your body and your health, given the ongoing pandemic. Especially for working women who recently switched to work from home, taking extra care of their wellbeing and investing more time in self-care has become a top priority for them. To know more about women’s wellness from the experts, look out for online women’s wellbeing clinics and consultation services around you.

There is more to women’s wellness than just a fit body. Your hair, your skin, your organ health, etc., all contribute to your wellbeing. All female body issues can be resolved with bare minimum effort and few minor additions to the lifestyle. Moreover, there are many multivitamin supplements and capsules that can help your body by providing the necessary minerals and vitamins. It is never too late to start. Understand your body with experts and make necessary changes in your lifestyle to live a longer, healthier life.

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