Meet the Founders of Fuzia : Shraddha Varma and Riya Sinha

Shraddha verma and Riya Sinha founders of fuzia

Shraddha verma and Riya Sinha founders of fuzia

Inspirational – Desk: Delhi Magazine has always been promoting new startups and talent. In this episode, today we are getting you introduced. Riya Verma and Shraddha Sinha, who are the founders of Fuzia. Let us know about their family and educational back ground.

Shraddha Varma:

Shraddha Varma, Co-Founder of Fuzia has been a management professional and an experienced marketer. Moreover, she is a thrill seeker, an avid traveler and an admirer of impactful quotes, with a vision to translate ideas into tangible results and creative initiatives. She was born to Naveen Sahay Varma (ex L&T, retired now, Bit Mesra alumni) and Sandhya Varma (homemaker and a child psychologist). She did graduation from Pune University and MBA (marketing) from Mumbai university.

Shraddha Varma - Co - Founder of Fuzia

At Fuzia, she leads the global marketing and operations and also drives and mentors her team in cross-culture environments. Shraddha strongly believes in gender equality and that women are the largest reservoir of untapped talent. Through Fuzia, she wishes to positively impact and see a world where women can come together globally and help each other grow, live their passions, pursue their dreams and build their own identity- thereby driving Gender Equality, Feminism & Empowerment.

Riya Sinha: 

Riya Sinha was 11 years old when she witnessed the concept of Fuzia while studying at Palo Alto High School, California. Currently, Riya is entering her 2nd year at UC Berkeley, California, and dedicates part time to Fuzia.

Riya Sinha - Founder of Fuzia

Riya focuses more on initiatives such as Fuzia.TV (videos and interviews of influential women) and helps gain partnerships with other companies to support Public Relations for Fuzia. She also promotes PR for Fuzia on all types of platforms.

  1. How did you get the idea of this startup?

Riya Sinha, Co-Founder of Fuzia, visualized the concept of Fuzia while studying at Palo Alto High School, California as an 11-year-old. She always loved creative writing as a child, so much so that she used to write creative endings of books when she wasn’t satisfied with the end! Riya loved writing stories, so with the help of a family friend, she wrote a book called ‘Runaway Twins’. She thought of the plot mostly by herself, just using her own imagination. It was about a pair of twins who solve a family mystery to help save their family.

Later, reading her book, a 6-year-old girl came up to her with utmost exhilaration to tell Riya that she was inspired to write a book too and that she has made her realize her true calling. The incident seeded so deep in Riya and made her experience the potential of inspiration. She wanted to influence all the girls and women around the world to get inspired by each other. Thus, in 2012 she started Fuzia as a Writing club, a platform meant for school girls to share their writings and essays. It is now, a venture that grew from 2 to 45 team members with the major vision of influencing and empowering creative females globally.

Team Fuzia

3. What hurdles did you face in your journey?

Being into a social media industry, it is an ocean of various challenges and increasing competitiveness. So, it has always been a challenge for us to sustain. We just never gave up. We have constantly improved and improvised our efforts in terms of our product and activities. Also, member relations helped us garner love and support of millions. Listening to our users helped us a lot. Be it a positive feedback or criticism, they all were important and we heard them for future growth and improvement.

 4. What are your future plans/goals?

 As a group of individuals who look forward step by step towards attaining pillars of creative empowerment, community growth, individual strength and artistic magnification, we aspire to establish a space for women where they can be free from their own little cages and express themselves with true liberty. This space extends its hands through our wide world and believes in the strength of young minds! We believe that a society where women are strengthened is a society empowered in reality.

When we talk of our long-term plan in terms of empowering women, we see ourselves delved in the ocean of not only finding out talent, but nurturing it through live sessions, campaigns, online learning, webinars, workshops, experiential learning, contests and so on. These initiatives help women develop their skills and grow enormously. This talent is then showcased in every possible way through our website and various social media platforms.

With the talent that many women come up with, we aspire to be of their economic benefit and opportunity through various ways. We, then aim to place the right skill at the right place, which benefits both, the company and its users economically.

  5. What message would you like to convey through Delhi magazine?

 Over the years, I have learnt that it is the best to follow your dreams and have a positive attitude in life to achieve them. I know how the world operates against you and the difficulties you have to go through, but do not stop believing in your individuality and the strength that comes along with it. Look forward, step by step and attain your goals through the pillars of true liberty. Be empowered and empower others through your skills.

Do not forget to put your passion on your shoulders and be translucent about your goals and its implementation.

While selecting a business, keep in mind to take up one that you not only love, but have a fair idea about. Research about it well, assess your finances, write your business plan, assess the market and consult with professionals before you embark on your journey. Most importantly, don’t lose hope. Because keeping hope is always a good thing!



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