Polina Gagarina Opens Up About Divorce from Dmitry Iskhakov

Polina Gagarina

Lifestyle Desk, Delhi Magazine: In a candid interview with Nadezhda Strelets, renowned singer Polina Gagarina spoke for the first time about her divorce from photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. Gagarina revealed that she consciously avoided publicizing the details of their separation to protect their daughter, Mia.

Gagarina emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with her ex-husband for their daughter’s sake. “It was hard to let go,” she admitted. “I didn’t comment because we have our daughter. I want mom and dad to remain an example for her.”

The singer highlighted her own upbringing without a father as a significant factor in her decision. She wants Mia to see her parents as role models, despite their separation.

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The divorce, which ended six years of marriage, was publicly announced in May 2020. Until now, Gagarina had refrained from discussing the breakup, choosing instead to prioritize her family’s well-being and privacy.

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