India Supports Israel as America Withdraws Crucial Bomb Supply

India supports israel

Internation Desk, Delhi Magazine: America has dealt a blow to Israel, which is stuck in a war with Hamas. America has refused to give thousands of bombs to Israel just before the Rafah operation. Friend India has come forward to help Israel in its time of crisis. After supplying killer drones by Indian company Adani Defense, India’s government defense company Munitions India Limited has supplied explosives to Israel. Munitions India Limited had received permission to export explosives in January 2024. Now this Indian company has again asked for its permission. Actually, the defense relationship between India and Israel is decades old. During the Kargil war, Israel gave laser bombs to India which helped in destroying the bases of Pakistani soldiers.

India has supplied these explosives at a time when there is a demand across the world to stop the supply of arms to Israel in view of the ongoing violence in Gaza. According to The Wire report, an Indian government company has been allowed to supply explosives to Israel. This Munitions India Limited Company was established in the year 2021. This company produces, tests, researches and markets various types of explosives and ammunition which are used by the Army, Air Force and Para Military.

Munitions India Limited Company works under the Ministry of Defense of India. Many analysts are calling India’s supply of explosives a very commendable step and they say that India supported Israel at a time when America betrayed it midway. Apart from this, Indian private company Premier Explosives Limited is also supplying explosives to Israel from the year 2021. Earlier, Adani Defense had exported the Indian-made killer drone Hermes of Israeli origin to Israel. It has been developed in collaboration with Israeli company Elbit System.

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