Hezbollah Launches Five Attacks on Israeli Positions, Escalating Conflict

Israel Hamas War

International Desk, Delhi Magazine: Hezbollah launched five attacks from southern Lebanon against Israeli positions in northern Israel, the Lebanese Shiite group announced today, in a new day of crossfire after almost five months of conflict in the Gaza Strip. In a series of statements, the Shiite organization announced the firing of Burkan-type rockets at the Jal al Alam base, while using “appropriate weapons”, which it did not specify, to attack the surveillance system at the Metulla base.

According to the notes, cited by the EFE agency, the clashes continued during the afternoon, when they attacked an Israeli military force in front of the border village of Al Wazzani, where they allegedly caused “casualties and injuries” and for which “the forces Israelis fired smoke grenades to cover up the process of removing the dead and injured.” Hezbollah missile actions followed in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kafr Shuba and against a detachment of Israeli soldiers on Mount Nazr.

US Vice President Kamala Harris yesterday called for the six-week temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which Israel and Hamas are negotiating, to be put into effect “immediately”. At least three members of Hezbollah died on Saturday in a drone attack, attributed to Israel, against a car on a road in southern Lebanon, amid an upsurge in violence on the border between the Jewish State and the armed group.

The Lebanese armed formation and Israeli troops have been involved in intense crossfire since October 8, with attacks often concentrated in areas close to the common border. These are the worst clashes between Hezbollah and Israel since the 2006 war, and the intensity of the violence has raised fears that Lebanon could become a second front in the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip.

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