War in Ukraine: Born in Kiev, Milla Jovovich Calls for Help for the Ukrainian people

Milla Jovovich

Europe Desk, Delhi Magazine: Milla Jovovich is upset about the situation in Ukraine . The Kyiv-born actress worries about her friends and family, who still live in her home country. In a post, the star of Resident Evil , very moved, appealed to help local associations that help civilians.

Milla Jovovich

“I am heartbroken and stunned by the events of this week in my home country of Ukraine. My country and my people are bombed. Friends and family members are hiding. My blood and my roots come from both Russia and Ukraine, she wrote on Instagram . I am torn in two watching the horror unfold, the country being destroyed, the families being displaced, their entire lives lying in charred fragments around them”.

“The people who pay in blood”
Although Milla Jovovich did not personally experience the horror of war, she remembers very clearly how her father, of Yugoslav origin, was affected, as was her family.


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“I remember the war in my father’s homeland, the former Yugoslavia, and the stories my family tell of the trauma and terror they experienced. The war. Always war. Leaders who cannot bring peace. The endless steamroller of imperialism. And always, the people who pay in blood and tears,” the Fifth Element star added .

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Among the organizations she encourages to support, Milla Jovovich highlighted the Return Alive Foundation, which helps people affected by the fighting at the front, or the Kyiv Independent , the English-language Ukrainian newspaper.


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