Govinda’s Election Dance Goes Viral as Shiv Sena Campaign Heats Up

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Mumbai Desk, Delhi Magazine: In a surprising twist to the Lok Sabha elections of 2024, renowned Bollywood actor Govinda has re-entered the political arena, this time aligning with Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena party. After nearly a decade away from politics, Govinda has resurfaced and is gearing up to assume a leadership role within the party.

Since joining Shiv Sena, Govinda has taken on the role of star campaigner, hitting the trail to rally support for party candidates. A recent video capturing the actor’s lively dance moves at an election event has ignited a social media frenzy, showcasing Govinda’s unique blend of entertainment and politics.

Last week he also share a photo with BJP Leader Amit Shah on his Instagram and wrote-

“It was an honor meeting our honorable Minister of Home Affairs of India, respected Amit Shah ji, personally.



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In the viral video, Govinda is seen energetically dancing to his popular song ‘Aapke Aa Jaane Se…’ amidst a spirited crowd gathered at the election rally. Accompanied by Shiv Sena leaders on stage, Govinda’s infectious enthusiasm inspired others, including political figures, to join in the impromptu dance-off.

Witnesses described the atmosphere as electric, with attendees enthusiastically participating in the lively display. Govinda’s signature style and charisma were on full display as he effortlessly synced his dance moves with the song’s rhythm, drawing cheers and applause from the audience.

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Govinda, who previously contested the Lok Sabha elections in 2004 as a Congress candidate from Mumbai North and emerged victorious, later distanced himself from the party. His recent affiliation with Shiv Sena in March 2024 has brought him back into the political limelight.

Although it remains uncertain whether Govinda will stand as a candidate in the upcoming elections, speculation is rife that he may be fielded from Mumbai North West constituency. His return to the political arena has injected a dose of excitement into the election campaign, blending Bollywood glamour with political fervor in Maharashtra

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