Speaker Johnson Accuses Biden of Betrayal Over Weapon Sales to Israel

US Speaker Mike Johnson

Us Desk, Delhi Magazine: In a stunning turn of events, Speaker Mike Johnson has lashed out at President Joe Biden, alleging betrayal and a breach of trust after reports surfaced that the administration was considering withholding offensive weapons to Israel. Johnson, a staunch advocate for strong ties with Israel, expressed feeling blindsided and let down by the president’s stance.

The Speaker revealed that he felt personally affronted, citing a supposed agreement made with Biden to secure aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan last month. Johnson accused Biden of reneging on this deal by considering a halt to certain weapon shipments. He described Biden’s statement on CNN regarding potential weapon cuts as possibly a “senior moment,” expressing disbelief at the turn of events.

Johnson’s frustration spilled over into action as he privately reached out to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to confirm reports of delayed weapon deliveries. This move came after Biden officials assured Johnson, both in writing and verbally, that such delays were not happening and would not violate their agreement.

The Speaker’s criticism comes amidst broader political turmoil. Just hours before the revelations, Johnson had survived an internal challenge within the House Republican ranks, where far-right members accused him of collaboration with Democrats and the Biden administration.

Despite the upheaval, Johnson exuded confidence, seated in his Capitol office beneath a portrait of Ronald Reagan. In a candid interview for POLITICO, he touched on various topics, including his relationships with Biden and former President Donald Trump, the aftermath of the Capitol attack, and the future of democracy in America.

The fallout from Johnson’s revelations could have significant repercussions, reflecting deep-seated tensions within the Republican Party over foreign policy and broader alliances. With Israel caught in the crossfire, the rift between Speaker Johnson and President Biden threatens to escalate into a broader political showdown over U.S. foreign policy decisions.

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