Grocery Store and Online Grocery Store

What is a grocery store?

A grocery store is also known as a “Kiryana -Shop/Store”. Where we can find all items of our daily need., even it may be personal care items like :- Beauty Creams for women, Shaving cream for men, Suns cream, Shampoo, or it may be any food items like :- vegetables, grains, or even sweets, Branded food items, Dairy and Egg  products like:- Milk, egg items etc. But usually at local grocery stores in Delhi, we can find all grocery items due to out of stock or any other reasons. We can buy daily uses items from local shops in our street also but their prices are not fixed, so there is a fear of wastage of money, and quality of products, so this is the main reason to go to the big grocery stores.

Now a days, In metro cities, Delhi, Newyork, Milan, Moscow and as well whole Worlds, these Online grocery store provide online shopping services with quick home delivery.  You can get free home delivery according to seller’s condition on purchase, For example you  purchase more then Rs.500. from WS Retail, there will be no delivery charges but in case if you buy less than Rs. 500 then from WS Retails the delivery charges is Rs. 40. The main reason of popularity of online grocery store in Delhi is lack of time and avoid the botheration of traffic jam and other pollution. Because if we go to physical store for shopping, it will take our one to two hours, and wastage of petrol/diesel also. While buying food items and vegetables or any other products from Peapod takes only 5 to 10 minutes from your home. So you can do your other necessary works during reaming time. So mostly intelligent people love to purchase from online stores.

Benefits of Online Grocery Store

The main advantages of purchasing from any online grocery stores are followings:
1. You can find here all quality and branded items from here.
2. There is no price fraud here, because prices are fixed.
3. No tension of delivery, The delivery timings is 7:00 am to 10 pm.
4. You can find here a wide verity of products and brands that is not possible on local shops, and you can select according to your need.
5. Online provides many offer time to time and you can save your money.

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