When it comes to the organization’s growth and development, the sales are given much priority. The revenues earned will tell the percentage of growth of the organization. The higher the sale, the higher will be the revenues earned. More is the revenue; more will be the shareholders satisfied. Profit maximization […]

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has just affected the entire world more than any of us were ready for. It began with news originating from China, where the remainder of the world stayed neglectful of the threats that lurked so near them. Then, it occurred so abruptly that the world as a […]

What is a grocery store? A grocery store is also known as a “Kiryana -Shop/Store”. Where we can find all items of our daily need., even it may be personal care items like :- Beauty Creams for women, Shaving cream for men, Suns cream, Shampoo, or it may be any […]