Delhi High Court Reprimanded Kejriwal Government, Don’t Act Like a Vulture

hc strict on kejriwal govt

New Delhi, Delhi Magazine, Delhi High Court reprimanded the Kejriwal government over the black marketing of oxygen cylinders and drugs in Delhi amid rising Corona cases. The Delhi High Court said that the Delhi government’s system has failed, as the black marketing of oxygen cylinders and drugs continues. Shanti Mukund Hospital in Delhi told the High Court that the government reduced the amount of oxygen that was provided to it, now the hospital does not have oxygen. On this, the Delhi government said that they are doing their best.

Patients are dying in Delhi

hc strict on kejriwal govtShanti Mukund Hospital told the High Court that it needed 3 metric tons of oxygen daily and allotted 3.2 but got only 2.69 metric tons. On this, the High Court asked the hospital what is the situation now, on which they replied that the patients were dying. On the reply of the hospital, the High Court said that after all what is the government doing, we are fed up with this government, where is the oxygen at all. The court reprimanded the Kejriwal government and said that action should be taken against oxygen refillers. Also, the court said that this is not the time to treat people like vultures.

The Delhi government said on this that today we are going to pass orders regarding oxygen, it will have all the information, hospitals will know where they are getting oxygen supply from. Also, the Kejriwal government said that we have never been in this business, we are working very hard. The High Court directed that the government immediately provide 2.69 MT of oxygen to Shanti Mukund Hospital.

When asked by the High Court on Remedesvir, the Delhi government said that we have limited supply. On this, the court said that it is a wrong decision not to give Remedesvir to patients living at home, you are taking the life of the patient. The High Court said that this order of the government means that if you are not in the hospital, you will not be given Remedesvir. The court said that this is a very difficult time. If people are treating themselves at home, then the government should also cooperate.

The High Court has reprimanded the government for making special coveted facility for judges in Delhi. The High Court said that we had never asked for a 100-bed special covid facility for judges at the Ashoka Hotel. Whereas, the same is being shown in the news report.

HC Accused Kejriwal Govt of Trying to Appease it with favours

Kejriwal Govt. had reserved 5- star hotel rooms for judges and court staff for treatment. The court asked the Delhi government to immediately rectify the order asking them to arrange beds in the Ashoka Hotel. The court said that such orders send the wrong message about the judiciary.

We have no even asked for it ( 5 -star hotel rooms) What are you trying to convey? Is it to benefit ourselves or that have you done it to appease us?

Delhi government failed to handle the situation

Commenting on the attitude of the Delhi government, the High Court said that there is only wrong on every side and you are failing to fix it. You are running the government in Delhi. You are also responsible for improving the situation.

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