5 Gadgets College Students Think They Need, but Don’t Use

students during exam

Education Desk, Delhi – Magazine: It can be difficult to be a student. To achieve high grades, marks, or other achievements, a student must overcome many hurdles. In such difficult situations, gadgets can be invaluable. Gadgets have helped students achieve a lot during their academic careers.

students during exam

Take the laptop for an example. The life of a student before the laptop was hard. Before the laptop, students had to manually write everything and waste a lot of energy and time on things that wouldn’t be used later. Laptops allow students to save lectures, take notes, complete assignments quicker and more efficiently, as well as do virtually anything on them. Students have found technology as a friend and have made their lives much easier.

Students no longer require certain gadgets. This article is designed by computer science homework help experts to talk about the gadgets you don’t need. Let’s get started.


Despite all the summer discounts and promotions, you don’t need to purchase a printer.

You can purchase a printer for as low as $100. However, you will need to replace your ink cartridges. The cost of paper is $20 The printer would cost $200 for a student.

Students with tight budgets can’t afford the high price. Students don’t need to print as much because printers are no longer an essential necessity. Students can print unlimited pages free of charge at colleges. This option is usually available to students who have their student ID card.

For black and white prints, some schools may charge 0.10 dollars printing fees. Yale University and Harvard University are two examples. Students can print 200 pages at these schools without worrying about the cost.

To save on printing, ask your professors for the documents by email. Many assignments can be submitted online or sent by email to the subject.

External Hard Drive and USB Flash drive

Many students think they require an external hard drive, which can cost $60 or a flash drive, which may cost $13 to back up their academic work.

Students are concerned that their laptops might stop functioning one day, and they may lose all of the data they’ve created. If students want to back up their data, they don’t need an external hard disk or flash drive. Students have the option to use free file storage platforms.

Let’s say we have a Google Dropbox. It can be signed in from any device by linking to a Gmail ID. Dropbox users can store up to 2GB files for free. Students can store up to 2GB files on a Dropbox account. If your data exceeds 2GB, you can store up to 15GB of data for a small fee.

Students cannot exceed 2GB because a single document can take up so much space. For example, consider a 500-word essay. It is only 29.5KB. It only measures 29.5KB. Students also have an option: iCloud

Smartphones are an essential tool for modern education, but they aren’t as important as external drives or USB flash drives.

Alarm clock

An alarm clock was a vital tool for college students in the past. What if we said that in modern times, an alarm clock is no longer necessary?

A student would pay $55 for an alarm clock. Another alarm clock can be used by students to save up to $55.

Students can eliminate the need for an alarm clock in their room or dorm by simply using the clock app on the smartphone.

In 2010, 89% of college students used their iPhones and Androids as alarm clocks according to a Stanford University study. This survey showed that almost 89% college students used their iPhones or Androids as alarm clocks in 2010. Despite technology being more advanced, many students still use an alarm clock for getting up in the morning. Many people are tired after a long day and don’t charge their phones or are too lazy to do so. People worry that their phone’s battery might run out and go dead in the middle of a night. A portable charger can help you save money and be with you all the time. By having a portable charger nearby, you can charge your phone even while lying down. A portable charger is essential for students who are constantly on the go.

As an alarm clock, you can use the app alarm clock for your smartphone.

Branded headphones

The presence of branded headphones can make a fashion statement and boost your style.

Headphones can also be used for other purposes such as listening to music or studying. Why would you choose a name-brand headphone?

Apple headphones are available at as low as $29 while Beats headphones can go for about $100. Bose is another brand. Students can spend between 150 and 250 dollars on these headphones.

According to us, it is costly and not necessary for students.

It can be hard to find branded headphones. There are many other options available on the market that can be used in this same way.

CVC sells colorful earbuds. Because they are so good, these earbuds can easily be compared with apple products. CVC earbuds cost only 9.99 dollars. Amazon is another option for students to shop for earbuds. Amazon has a wide range of earbuds for students at as low as $5-10. We don’t think they have to purchase branded headphones. They won’t last very long and will be costly.

Some schools offer free borrowing of earbuds from the library to students. University of Tennessee is one example.

The University of Tennessee is well-known for renting headphones. Nearly 35,000 students rent them.

Students should not choose branded headphones.


Students at hostels understand the importance television. Students in hostels have limited entertainment options.

They live with their parents, and have no access to entertainment.

Student life is incomplete without entertainment. Students have many options to buy a TV for their hostel.

A TV is not something you should buy for your hostel. Students can dispose of non-essential gadgets this way. Netflix is a well-known streaming site.

Netflix is an incredible platform that allows students access to free movies for a small fee.

Netflix is a great option for entertainment lovers who want to watch a lot of movies every weekend.

These incredible platforms are well-known for their fantastic dramas and seasons. Movies from other cultures can be viewed as well.

You can stream the entire season of Breaking Bad on Netflix if you are a huge fan.

Netflix is an essential tool for college students.

Here’s a list of the best tech gadgets in 2019. Some gadgets are vital for college life while others are not as important.

It is not smart to spend money on unnecessary things, but it is important for students at University to make informed decisions. A university student almost always has a budget.

This applies to university students. Take the right decisions and save money.

It’s not smart to spend money on unnecessary items. However, it is important for students on a limited budget to make informed choices. It is always smart to select modern educational gadgets that are useful and practical for college students and not something expensive and out of date like the ones mentioned above.

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