GIET is Planning to Host 2nd Multidisciplinary National Conference in December 2023

Education Desk, Delhi Magazine: Gateway Institute of engineering and technology is organizing 2nd multidisciplinary national conference on December 01-02, 2023 in the Institute.The theme for the conference is “Synergizing India: Accelerating growth through the “Digital India” initiative”.

The purpose of the 2nd Multidisciplinary National Conference to bring together researchers, top academia and industry leaders around the world who are interested in exploring and embracing the Digital India Initiative.

The conference will shed light on the topics such as Management, accounting and economic analysis, Integrated Tech synergies, comprehensive development spectrum, Human Computer Interaction and User Experience, Social policy, Social Work and Community, Civic and political studies, Green Energy and much more.

Institute encourage you to submit your research papers, presentations, and posters on topics that align with the conference theme mention above upto November 25,2023 along with fees.

Your endowment will be very beneficial to the academic discourse and help to gain valuable insights in multidisciplinary subjects.

Altogether conference will feature on hybrid mode representing over various speakers to nurture Multidisciplinary collaboration to anchorage Digital India for accelerated national growth. Also calls for some discussions on the public private partnerships to bridge the digital divide and beyond.

Dr. Shish Pal said that the guest of the conference will be various researchers, professors from top academia and industry leaders from altogether different institutes.

Institute believe that your endowment to this conference will be very beneficial.

Please visit our conference website for detailed information.

In case of any enquiry and for further
details, please feel free to contact our organizing committee at or 09468090975

Delhi Magazine Team

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