Greek Crown Jewels Found After Years of Doubt and Mystery

Greek Crown Jewels

Greek Desk, Delhi Magazine: Good news for the royalty of Greece. After many years of doubts about where the royal symbols of the monarchy would be found, the Ministry of Culture found the crown, scepter and sword of Otto I inside the Palace of Tatoi, the former residence of the royal family.

The last time they had been seen in public was during the funerals of Kings Pavlo and Frederica of Greece, grandparents of the current head of the Royal House. The jewels were ordered to be made by Louis I of Bavaria, so that his son would receive them at the coronation. When he went into exile in Germany in 1862-having died in Bamberg-, Otto took the jewels with him.

The crown, scepter and sword remained in Hohenschwangau Castle in Munich until 1959, when the dynasty that reigned in Bavaria, the House of Wittelsbach, returned the jewels to the kings of Greece, Pavlo and Frederica. The delivery took place in a solemn ceremony, which took place at the Tatoi Palace on December 21, the anniversary of Otto’s arrival in Athens, in 1834. It was precisely a photograph of that moment that Prince Pavlos shared on his Instagram account to thank the Ministry of Culture for recovering the jewels.

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Noted that prior to the abolition of the monarchy, Greece did have a royal family, and they possessed crown jewels. These jewels included tiaras, crowns, scepters, and other valuable items traditionally associated with royal regalia. When the monarchy was abolished, the Greek government took custody of the crown jewels, and their whereabouts are currently not publicly disclosed.

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