Milan Rest Home Fire: Six Died, More than 80 Injured

Milan nursing home fire

Europe Desk, Delhi Magazine: Around 1:20 a devastating fire broke out at the spouses’ rest home in Milan. The toll at the moment is six people dead and 80 injured hospitalized. About forty intoxicated. The intervention of the fire brigade is still ongoing.

The care facility is located in via dei Cinquecento, in a popular neighborhood in the south-east of Milan. The residence is spread over a three-story building and is divided into 12 nuclei (including two Alzheimer nuclei). The intervention of the rescue teams is “very complex due to the presence of smoke,” explained a spokesman for the fire brigade.

Two women who occupied the same room in the rest home for spouses in Milan from which the devastating fire broke out during the night were 69 and 87 years old and died charred by the flames. The other four deceased, three women aged 75, 84 and 85 and a man aged 73, instead of intoxication. The cause of the fire, believed to be of accidental origin, has yet to be ascertained.

Four advanced emergency vehicles, one coordination vehicle and 11 ambulances have arrived on site, some of which are commuting from hospitals.

Two elderly people died due to the flames, while four others died of smoke poisoning which affected the first floor of the structure and then also invaded the second floor. As mentioned, according to the fire brigade, three people are in serious condition in hospital, while another 40 have been rescued for symptoms of intoxication but not serious.

The structure is partially unusable. Some of the guests were taken to another wing of the facility. At the moment the firefighters exclude an arson matrix of the fire.

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The “Casa per coniugi” is a health care residence owned by the Municipality of Milan managed by the Proges cooperative, which controls 300 structures in 11 regions. It is dedicated to welcoming elderly people with various levels of non-self-sufficiency, who do not need hospital services. It is divided into 12 nuclei, two of which are dedicated to Alzheimer’s patients.

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