Regional Elections Austria: SPO Big Win in Burgenland

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Europe Desk – Delhi Magazine, 17 September: The Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPO) swept the regional elections in the Austrian state Burgenland, in stark contrast to the latest votes in Austria. According to projections, the SPO rises to 50.3% (+ 8.4%), winning the absolute majority.

The voters thus rewarded the outgoing governor Peter Doskozil, considered the right wing of the Social Democrats, especially on security and migrant issues and the most dangerous rival of the party secretary Pamela Rendi Wagner.

Sebastian Kurz’s Oevp popular party grows, but does not fly, and stops at 30.6% (+ 1.5%), while the ultra-right Fpoe accuses another defeat after the Ibiza gate and falls by 5.3 % to stop at 9.7%. The Greens, Kurz’s coalition partner in the national government, confirm the result of the 2015 elections (6.8%). On the other hand, the liberals Neos are bad at 1.8% (-0.5%).

The centre-left SPÖ achieved its best result since 2005, winning an absolute majority on a swing of eight percentage points. The conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) improved on its 2015 result, but did not gain any seats.

Earlier, SPO had its coalition with FPA, But in 2020 Burgenland state election SPO terminated its coalition with the Freedom Party of Austria.

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