Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar Slams America – You are not Fooling Anyone By Giving Useless Explanations

Indian external affair minister - Jai shankar

Internatonal Desk, Delhi Magazine: In an event organized by the Indian-American community in Washington, he said that Islamabad’s relationship with Washington is not in America’s interest.

Jai-shankar - IFM

India expressed concern

India expressed concern over this decision. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh held talks with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on the matter last week.

Jaishankar said- The relations between America and Pakistan have neither benefited Pakistan nor America. Now the US should reflect on what the US is getting by maintaining relations with Pakistan. Consideration should be given to how strong and beneficial the relationship between the two countries can be in the coming times. His statement has come to the fore after the package given to Pakistan for the maintenance of F-16 fighter jets.

America’s clarification on the gift given to PAK

The package given for the maintenance of the F-16 fighter jet was criticized in India. On this, the US government said that by doing this it was not helping Pakistan, but by selling spare parts for the existing F-16 fleet. This was done to stop terrorism. US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu had told- America’s worldwide policy is that when it gives defense equipment to a country, it also provides the rest of the support for its maintenance till the end. We are talking about servicing the wings and equipment of a fighter jet. So it’s a sale, not a help.

Biden had reversed Trump’s decision

On September 8, the US had approved $ 450 million, i.e. 3,581 million to Pakistan for the maintenance of the F-16 fighter jet. This was the biggest security aid given to Islamabad in the last four years. Earlier, the then President Donald Trump had banned the financial aid of two billion dollars to Pakistan in 2018.

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