5 Things That Visually Make A Woman Look Older

Older woman

Lifestyle Desk, Delhi Magazine: Probably one of the biggest fears for any woman is the fear of appearing older than she really is. Often we ourselves visually add age to ourselves, but at the same time we don’t even notice it ourselves. So what are the most common style mistakes we make? We tried to figure it out.

Older woman

You don’t follow trends

Of course, many modern novelties may simply not fit the silhouette and emphasize the shortcomings of a particular woman, but this does not mean at all that it is worth lingering in the style that has served you faithfully for a long time. Outdated models of your favorite things, as well as outdated fit, can play a trick on you, betraying your true age to others. If you understand that you yourself cannot navigate the latest trends, do not be afraid to seek help from a stylist and use the services of an image maker while shopping.

You choose the wrong jeans

One of the most insidious things, which at the same time is the most versatile. Finding “your” jeans is sometimes the most difficult task when shopping. It is important not only to find a trendy model, but also to make sure that the jeans fit perfectly. Carefully study all the current models, if you have not done this before, after that go to choose jeans that will meet the main parameters, and one of the most important is the relevance of the model you like.

You choose too bright models in the daytime

Another point that is important to consider when collecting an image is how much all things correspond to the time of day. A bright dress with shimmering inserts for an evening cocktail is unlikely to be a good choice for an office or a simple walk. Sequins and unusual silhouettes will be perfect in the evening, but in daytime looks you will simply add at least a couple of years to yourself, and also cause bewilderment in the eyes of others.

There are a lot of unnecessary details in your image

As we have already said, a “heavy” image in the daytime will only cause bewilderment. It is worth noting that we mean not only an unusual style, but also decorative details. Lush bows, accent sleeves, wide fabric belts on dresses – all this will add almost a dozen years to you, in addition, it is important to be as accurate as possible with accents even when collecting an evening “bow”, not to mention a day one. Give preference to minimalism and casual style if your goal is to go to the office or a business meeting in an informal style.

You choose any dimensionless things

Oversize is more in trend today than ever, but it’s also important to be careful. No matter how trendy something is, we always follow how it specifically fits you, whether it matches your lifestyle, style, and also how it goes with your accessories and more goes. Nothing good comes from chasing youth indiscriminately, but creating your own unique style with modern trends is all you need.

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