Best Christmas Decoration Ideas 2020 -2021

Christmas is one of the most awaited festival throughout the year. Though it is celebrated on the 25th of December, you can feel the celebrations from the beginning of December itself, which continues till the “New year”. Christmas is one of the world’s most popular festival which is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ. It is the day when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem to the virgin Mother Mary.

One thing that comes in mind when we think of Christmas is “Christmas Carols”. Christmas Carols are held a few days before Christmas, in which carol singers visit from home to home and sing hymns and have snacks together. And how can we forget Santa Clause? After all, Christmas is all about Gifts and Santa. It is almost every kid’s fantasy that Santa will deliver them gifts while hovering in the sky, across the neighborhood on his reindeers. On the beautiful day of Christmas, you can see the snow falling on the tress, people exchanging Christmas special gifts, people preaching in the churches and you will hear children singing the “Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas” songs everywhere. The most important thing during any festival is decorating your home. During Christmas there is no house left undecorated, so why not decorate your home in a unique way this Christmas?

Best Christmas Decoration Ideas 2020 -21

Best Christmas Decoration Ideas are as follow:

  • The first and the most important part of decoration is the complete cleaning of the house. Broom the floor, Clean the Mat, ensure proper ventilation, paint the walls etc.
  • You can place two or one Christmas tree(s) of approximately 4 – 7 feet, outside your house, just beside the door.
  • Make sure the tree is well decorated with bells, stars, cotton, mini gifts and flowers, fancy tree lights etc because the Christmas tree is always the centre of attraction for everyone.
  • Decorate your roof, windows, doors, pillars and all the exteriors with fancy and colourful lights. Decorate the front of your home with Christmas greeting wall hangings and a lot of red and white balloons.
  • And Indoors you can decorate the furniture and walls with balloons and ribbons. You can also place a mini christmas tree in any corner of the house, to add to the grace of decoration.
  • You can arrange the interior according to the theme of Christmas, by keeping everything in the combination of Red, Green and white, for instance Red bed sheet with white pillow covers, even number of red, green and white balloons and ribbons, Reddish and White LED lights, wrapping presents in Silver, green and Red packing.
  • You can even paint the walls according to this theme or decorate the walls with Christmas wall decals. Give this theme a try and make your Christmas unforgettable this year by these unique decoration ideas. Everyone in the family is going to love this beautiful idea of decoration.
  • You can use beautiful flowers to decorate your home in a floral way.
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