Cristina Ferreira: “Following my path. From the Place Where I was born

Çristina Ferreira

Cristina Ferreira always takes the days off to return to the place where her origins live. In the various walks she takes through nature, either by the sea or in the mountains, the presenter shares some reflections with her followers.

Today, for example, she published a photograph in the middle of nature, saying:

“Following my path. From the place where I was born. And I continue to grow,” she said. It should be noted that at Christmas time TVI was the loser. Despite the channel’s Fiction and Entertainment director betting on programs with the best known faces of the station, the truth is that SIC ended up getting the better of audiences. The presenter spoke about his relationship with Rui Oliveira, the history of his parents and even the most difficult day he lived on TVI.

cristna with Rui OliveiraMarried to Rui Oliveira with whom she has had a relationship for more than two decades, Manuel confesses that the things that her companion most adds to her life are essentially her knowledge of law and, of course, her most biting sense of humor. “There is not much filter in what he says. He is more free because he is not a public figure. He says everything he thinks. I think it’s funny, but there are things he says that I don’t agree with” , she notes, giving as an example bullfighting , which Rui is passionate about.

Goucha also makes it known that she does not regret the things that Rui says in public on social media, arguing that everyone has the right to an opinion, but that some media take advantage of this to “hurt” him.


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