Miley Cyrus celebrated her 28th birthday

miley cyursh

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 28th birthday on Monday and for the occasion, the star brought out some new videos from her drawers, which she decided to offer to her fans on Instagram. We see the singer , still very small, blowing out her birthday candles wearing a crown, doing tap dancing, or training in cheerleader outfit and singing.

But the most adorable moment is probably the one where she imitates her idol at the time, Britney Spears , repeating the choreography of the song I’m a Slave for U . “I’m toast to one more year of Britney Spears and face my fears!” Yes! Thank you for making my life so incredibly cool! I love you ”, posted the popstar in the caption.

She has everything a great
In another video , little Miley can be seen rehearsing dialogues with her dad singer, Billy Ray Cyrus. Images that prove that if she started her career at 11 (before becoming a star in Hannah Montana at 14), she already had talent when she was little!

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