Geneva Casanova Pays Tribute to Her Former Mother-in-Law, the Duchess of Alba

Geneva Casanova

Life Style Desk, Delhi Magazine: Genoveva Casanova, the name that until then was unknown to most people became one of the most talked about after the scandal that broke out in the Royal House of Denmark, related to Prince Frederick.

At issue will be an alleged affair between the Mexican socialite and the crown prince, after images of the two were made public during a walk through Madrid.

Since then, Genoveva has remained secretive, and it is not known where she is at the moment.

However, this Monday, November 20th, the socialite reappeared on Instagram to pay tribute to her former mother-in-law, the Duchess of Alba, mother of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, her ex-husband, on the ninth anniversary of her death.

“I miss you so, so much… your love, your sense of humor, your motherly way of worrying and taking care of us… how I wish you hadn’t left. Although sometimes I still miss you. feel close to me”, he wrote in the caption of an image in which the two pose.

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