Portuguese Actor Nuno Lopes Accused of American Director/Screenwriter AM. Lukas

AM Lukas

North America Desk, Delhi Magazine: The accusation of American screenwriter AM. Lukas goes back to the first time the two met, at the Tribeca Film Festival. The Portuguese actor has already reacted publicly, through a statement, denying the allegations that he is a target and ensuring that he has a “clear conscience”.

In a legal action filed on Monday, November 20th, American director and screenwriter AM. Lukas accuses Portuguese actor Nuno Lopes of “drugging and raping” her. The accusation is detailed in a document also referenced by the British tabloid Daily Mail.

According to Lukas, the incident dates back to 2006 when they first met at the Tribeca Film Festival. Lukas claims to have lost consciousness during the night and only recalled some details the following morning. The director alleges that Nuno Lopes touched her inappropriately, leading to an alleged rape. Lukas states that the actor called a taxi for her in the early hours of the next day.

The document, dated November 17, mentions that Lukas went to the hospital on the same morning for a rape test. Later, during a telephone call, Nuno Lopes reportedly confirmed sexual intercourse but insisted it was consensual, contradicting Lukas’s account.

AM. Lukas reveals a subsequent meeting with Nuno Lopes, orchestrated by her, to “normalize and neutralize the traumatic event.” During this meeting, the actor denied the rape allegations and claimed consensual relations the morning after the incident.

Lukas discloses being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder, along with experiencing suicidal thoughts following the alleged assault.

In a released statement, one of AM. Lukas’s attorneys explains the need for “compensatory and punitive damages.” The statement expresses admiration for the client’s bravery in holding Mr. Lopes accountable. It notes, “As we have seen, the film industry has repeatedly allowed men like Mr. Lopes to engage in sexual assaults without consequences.”

It’s important to highlight that AM. Lukas identifies with the non-binary gender.

Meanwhile, Nuno Lopes has responded to the accusation in a statement shared on social media. The actor denies allegations of raping AM. Lukas and pledges to “take legal action” against anyone attempting to tarnish his reputation.


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