How to Click a Beautiful Picture?

how to click a beautiful photo

A couple of years ago, no one could have imagined how popular the blogging profession would become. Now there are bloggers in every area, so the competition in the online space is growing every minute. Blogging has long gone from “making a nice photo and putting it up with a simple caption” to “thinking about the content, finding a location, hiring a photographer, choosing a wardrobe, editing a photo, coming up with an interesting and lightweight text, and finally posting”. The perfect photo takes effort, but it’s easier than you think.


How to click a photo worth million likes

Here are a few secrets of how to take a photo worth a million “likes” without spending fabulous money on it:


Any photograph can be saved or ditched by light. So do not neglect it and take a photo at a time when the light plays on your side. The ideal time for photography is sunrise or sunset. I’m sure the popular term “golden hour” was invented by bloggers, because when the sun goes down and the air is literally saturated with golden glow, you can take the most successful photo.


Angle: Not only the gym (although it’s useless to argue with its effectiveness), but also the correct angle can help get rid of a double chin or make your legs slimmer. Find your winning side, take 100 test shots to see where you best take your photo, and go for it! A good photo is in your pocket.

Seize the moment:

A sincere smile or genuine emotions get the most likes. This is a human factor, and it is useless to compete with it. So seize the moment and take pictures when you yourself want it. Seize the moment


Any photo with a million-likes potential needs an idea – try to tell a story in one shot. Believe me, no subscriber will miss such a post and will definitely reward you with a heart for all your efforts.


The same type of photos with candid posing and a forced smile remained in the distant 2015. Now subscribers are attracted by the blogger’s courage and his creative approach to creating a picture. Experiment with lenses, lights, poses, locations. Who knows, maybe it is the shot with you and the falling ice cream ball that will cause the greatest sympathy among your online audience, which means it will bring you the coveted million likes.


Do not underestimate the power of hashtags, because whether it was 10 years ago or now, but it is on hashtags that many bloggers are popular. With the help of tags, you can get to the top, be relevant, which means that you can be in sight not only of your subscribers, but also of potential fans of your blog. So choose hashtags wisely, but remember that you shouldn’t write more than 10-15 tags under one photo, otherwise the backlash will follow. And it’s best to put these hashtags not in the caption under the photo, but in the comments.

Do not stop there:

The most important thing in life is not to stand still and develop. The same applies to photography – there are hundreds of shooting secrets, learning which you can reach the next level and take pictures that can compete in quality with professional magazine shots.

golden rules to click a photo


Most important five golden rules to know when clicking a photo with a million likes:

Clean lens

There is nothing worse than a smudged camera that ruins any shot.

The right light

Take the time to find the right light to take a good photo. How to click a beautiful photo


Wait a couple of seconds to adjust the focus on your camera / phone and get the crisp results you want.


Adjust the shooting mode.

Do not zoom in on the camera

So you spoil the quality of the photo.

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