Let’s Crack the Hurdles and Cliché of Beauty Pageant

how to prepare for a beuaty contest

The word “Beauty Contest” is all-pervasive for a beautiful young girl. The superficial requisites are a charming face, good complexion, tall, a perfectly measured body and long hair. A similar criteria stands for Male contestant, for them tall, masculine body with six pack abs is deemed fit for pageant. These traits are most likely considered quintessential for participating in a beauty competition. However, you will be glad to know that these criteria are no more the basis on which a judgement of a beauty show or a pageant are dependent. The stereotypes are broken down and with time are changing as well. We have come a far way since the first Miss World pageant that was  held in 1951 in London. The physical parameters for beauty were set by the British. But with the changing eras the question regarding the beauty parameters have risen where beautiful face or body or specific skin color were considered subjective.  As we are staying in a world of versatility and democracy where a common person like me and you becomes leaders with merely a thought to bring about a change in the world and to make  it a better place. With that comes moral duties of helping others, showing kindness and feeling positive.


how to prepare for a beauty contest

These thoughts were revolutionary and urged  the organiser made necessary amendments in the contest by introducing, “Beauty with a Purpose”. Under this each contestant who has engaged in social activities and is ready to extend a helping hand to the underprivileged people can only participate in the contest. This was a radical and much needed change that could be used to define beauty. Beside these there are lots a criterion that makes a person beautiful, isn’t it?? As an individual posses specific personality, intelligence, talent and critical thinking that makes them unique.

How to Prepare for a Beauty Contest?

In the past few years in India, several beauty contests have been  organised by several fashion agencies. Every year around 20 National Pageants were held. Out of these only a few are at a platform that gives you recognition. However, every persuade Model/ Actor/ Artist have their self grapple story of success and the way is different for everyone. Moreover, it’s also not compulsory to become an artist or chose the entertainment profession by a beauty contestant, he or she can be a Scientist, Doctor, Defence person, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker! In short, the contestant may have huge social responsibilities. These beauty pageants acknowledges its contestants hard work so they can inspire others.  Into the bargain, the scientific definition of the word “Model” means a representation of a process or a phenomenon by obeying all standards. Then why a “Model” can’t be a “Role Model” of our society?

Along with the social services, most of the beauty pageants have the below mentioned stages:

  1. Ramp Walk Session:

    Where contestant learn how to walk the ramp and get familiar with technical terms like skirting, half turn walk, peel in and peel out etc.

  2. Fitness Session:

    Fitness is very important for contestant as said by fit India Moment “Fit hoga India to hi Hit hoga India”. Fitness activity can be anything like Yoga or Zumba, dance etc.

  3. Speech or Voice Modulation:

    It helps the contestant to improve public speaking as many people need to muster courage to speak in the public. But a role model has to be a good public speaker and must have the capability to draw the audience to themselves. This can be done through a strong introduction that must reflect self confidence.

  4. Body language and Dressing Sense:

    This is very important for a contestant as the way of standing, sitting and walking reveal ones character and personality. So even before one speaks, her/his stance speaks.

  5. Food and Nutrition Session:

    Food choice and practice is essential for a contestant. As commonly says –“What you eat, is what you become”, thus healthy food choices like balance diet makes one’s body and brain beautiful.

  6. Table Manners:

    This will makes contestant sophisticated.

  7. Self Makeup tips:

    This helps the contestant to be ready in a jiffy for any upcoming event.


If a contestant practice all this above skills before participating in a beauty competition then he/ she can out shine others. Few days or months of practicing all the above mentioned things along with the talent round polishes a contestant and prepares him/her the competition. Yes, good night sleep is always needed to charge the self battery and become energetic.

Last but not the least! A big question that often arises for the organisers and the society…Who gives you the power to judge others based on specific attributes such as colour, height or shape or even origin? It is the right of every individual to feel confident of how the Almighty has designed them. One must strive to perform well in the walk of like, but not feel intimidated by anything or anyone. So win the pageant with your confidence and your good deeds as they are a perpetually always with you.


beauty contest winner Priyanka Roy

About the Guest Author:

Priyanka Roy

WEAA Miss India Talented- 2020 & PhD Research Scholar

National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM),

Sonipat- 131 028, Haryana, India.

Email: namaskar.kolkata14@gmail.com

Delhi Magazine Team

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  1. A scientific and science will become models it will be more interesting.Inovatoin in the field of Modelling during pandemic.Its hight of New era of modelling.

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