An Interview with the CEO of RankingBySEO, Mr. Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma - RankingbySEO

This digital marketing industry started over a decade ago in Noida, India. Since then, it has made a huge journey to become the best digital marketing company in India.

Today, the name of RankingBySEO is making the rounds not only in this country but also outside its peripheries. Let’s see what Mr. Lalit Sharma, the CEO of the company, has to say about the journey of his company.

Did you face any challenges right after you started your SEO company?

Mr. Lalit Sharma: As is the case with all businesses, RankingBySEO also faced some challenges in the days after its inception. Today, It is the best digital marketing company in India. But it was not always like this.

About a decade and a half ago, people did not see digital marketing as they view it now. The Internet was not accessible to everyone. Hence, SEO being the front and center of marketing efforts was not imaginable.

On top of that, we were new in the online marketing industry, which made it harder for us to set foot.

As we were new in the SEO landscape 14 years back, we faced challenges in getting customers to trust us. Often, people would take quotes and then not call back even when we showed them how well we had conducted successful SEO marketing campaigns for various other companies. It took a while for us to establish our credibility.

We started with limited resources. I knew I had to make the most of it. From getting new clients to budget allocation and learning new SEO trends, everything has been a challenge. However, I managed to have the most capable SEO team by my side that helped RankingBySEO reach where it is today.

What other services did you venture into apart from SEO?

Mr. Lalit Sharma: We started with SEO as our core focus. You can understand just by the name of our company, ”Ranking By SEO”.

I am grateful to God that I am a quick learner. Soon, I understood that SEO is just a part, albeit a very important part, of Digital marketing.

I wanted RankingBySEO to flourish as the best digital marketing agency there is (we are still striving to do that on the Global front). I wanted it to be a wholesome digital marketing hub that offers services of unparalleled quality.

This is why we also go by the name of Ethane Web Technologies. It is a one stop solution for all your digital marketing requirements. We offer a wide array of digital marketing services. We use proven techniques to cater to every business needs of our clients.

Apart from SEO, we have ventured into PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, online reputation management, app store optimization, and web design services. We also help websites with Google penalty removal services.

Once we are done with the digital marketing campaign, we don’t leave it at that. We take it upon ourselves to track the campaign progress and tweak it for not just good but great results!

How did you manage to make a mark on the digital landscape?

Mr. Lalit Sharma: The immense success I have had so far is a combination of eagerness to learn, burning the midnight oil, my passion for SEO, and a little luck. I cannot thank my brothers and business partners enough for helping RankingBySEO reach the zenith.

We had a rather simple beginning. I started the company with a team of 4 people in Noida. When I was initiating it, I had confidence in my team’s capabilities and the potential that the SEO industry holds. I knew that I was on to establishing something solid. 14 years back, I knew that SEO was a thing of tomorrow, and sooner or later, people would flock around it.

The odyssey of RankingBySEO from ‘NOTHING’ to the ‘best digital marketing agency’ did not happen in a day. It has tested my patience and persistence over the years.

I had to be creative in the way I approached SEO. I kept myself updated on the latest Google algorithm updates and all the key performance indicators.

We delved head-first into the SEO issues of our clients, did in-depth studies, took care of the minutest details to give an edge to our clients, and ensured to solidify the structure of every single website that we have optimized.

Which part of SEO optimization do you find the most challenging?

Mr. Lalit Sharma: The whole process of SEO is similar to building a house. We have to make the base strong, build the walls up, and cast a roof over it to make a solid structure. And it takes time. Search engine optimization is no different.

You have to create a solid backlink portfolio, perform keyword research, and do technical optimization to get websites past the threshold of indexing. Giving top-notch SEO results takes a lot more than just the basic stuff. There are various cutting-edge practices that my SEO agency performs to help its clients stand out among their competitors.

As the CEO of a digital marketing company, I think SEO is the heart of the digital marketing process. But there are challenges!

You see, SEO was there before the beginning of this millennium. I guess it started in 1997, which is 26 years ago. And it has come a long way since then.

When we talk about SEO, the main word that comes to people’s minds is ‘Google.’

In the search engine market, Google alone occupies 80% of the market share. Charting up the SERPs can be a huge challenge.

The main SEO challenge is keeping up with Google’s algorithmic changes, as these are so frequent and so complex!

There was a time when articles that used a higher volume of keywords ranked first. However, keyword stuffing is a Google crime nowadays! You can get a penguin strike for it.

The entire focus of SEO has shifted from keyword placement to natural language processing as RankBrain has become a vital part of Google’s core algorithm. Of course, there are a zillion other thing, like link building, Online reputation consideration, website structuring, load time optimization, etc, that buff up the ranking chances.

RankBrain is basically an AI wired into the algorithm that is trained to return search results based on search queries based on related terms. Google announced it as the third most important ranking signal.

Keeping up with the frequent algorithmic changes is a challenge that RankingBySEO has taken up well. I ensure that all my team members keep themselves updated on the latest Google updates so that we can excel at whatever we are doing.

Personally, I feel obligated to deliver the best results to the clients who approach me with SEO issues. Hence, even though it is a challenge, I keep myself updated on all ranking signals to help my clients’ websites rank better on the search result pages.

What are RankingBySEO’s greatest strengths as an SEO agency?

Mr. Lalit Sharma: I think RankingBySEO’s greatest strength is its amazing team. The team is focused, trained, and has some of the best minds the country could offer. Our team takes every marketing campaign seriously and continues to endeavor till the desired results are achieved.

I also think that our industry experience counts as one of our biggest strengths and greatest assets. Experience counts a lot.

You see, when we were a budding SEO company, in spite of having experts of the highest potential, we did not have strong market connections.

Over the years, we have grown ties with some of the best masters of the game. We have a huge database of websites that we often leverage for our clients’ link building purposes.

Also, as an SEO company, we take pride in our business ethics. We always adhere to white hat SEO practices for lasting results. I think the honesty we display in our work gets us more clients.

How do you approach the process of Search Engine Optimization for Websites?

Mr. Lalit Sharma: Every client is unique. Each of them has different problems going on with their websites. However, the most common issues I see are a lack of content optimization, unoptimized Google Discover, and some loopholes in the local SEO.

When a client approaches me with an SEO issue, the first thing I check is the ranking of the web pages. Thereafter, we do a thorough website audit to find loopholes in its search engine optimization and take a look at the Google search console to find insights.

After we have adequate data, we make a tailored SEO campaign to optimize the website for better organic search traffic volume. Also, we often put our social media marketing experts to work to render better online visibility to our clients.

Why are you so passionate about SEO?

Mr. Lalit Sharma: I recognized the potential of SEO when most businesses were focused on traditional marketing. I held on to this bright idea, and now I have a connection with it.

What inspires me the most about SEO is the challenge SEO for search engines is quite a task. Search engine algorithms are a complete maze. Everyone is trying their hands at getting the #1 rank. Cracking this puzzle thrills me every time.

What tips for success would you give to the new SEO companies?

Mr. Lalit Sharma: As the CEO of an experienced SEO company, all I can say to the new entrants in the SEO industry is ”keep focus”. I understand that being new in this highly competitive market is challenging but keep your faith.

If you stick to ethical practices and offer the best services while maintaining a client-friendly attitude, nothing can stop you.

Another important success tip is that you should make as many industry connections as you can. It helps a lot.

Approach webmasters and social media influencers. These are resources that you can use to give your clients better visibility in the organic search results.

Also, focus on building dedicated SEO teams for different segments. Outsourcing work can be a costly affair.

Most importantly, start off with small businesses. Optimizing websites for a local business or home-based online business can give you the best exposure you need.

Would you call RankingBySEO the best digital marketing company in India?

Mr. Lalit Sharma: Yes, absolutely. RankingBySEO is the best digital marketing company in India. The SEO services we offer are a class apart.

We are guided by professionalism, dedication, and passion that sets us apart from other digital marketing companies. We are data-driven and focus on results through ethical practices.

Due to the sheer quality of our services, we have a client base of 5000+.

We are a global brand with various clients in the USA. We cater to global brands to capture the best spot on the search result page.

So, yes, RankingBySEO is a titan in the digital marketing sphere of the Indian horizon!

Does your company perform search engine optimization for all business scales?

The company is an SEO hub for all business scales. We help in search engine optimization for all businesses, i.e., from a large conglomerate to a small online business; we partner with all.

We believe in inclusivity. Hence, our services are open to all. In fact, we take special interest in optimizing the websites of medium and small businesses as they pose a better challenge that lets us learn and grow.

We have a special SEO team for local businesses. We help the business reach its target audience and capture the target market by using several digital channels apart from SEO as well.

As our range of services and area of operation is so vast, we provide tailored SEO packages. You can contact us to optimize a gamut of websites or just a single web page; our prices would vary accordingly.

Can we call RankingBySEO an affordable SEO company?

Ranking by SEO offers affordable services. However, the term ‘affordable’ is subjective. When I say ”affordable”, it means that the quality of our services far exceeds the price we charge for it.

With our expertise backing you up, you would see more leads, better online visibility, higher conversion rates, and more sales.

We believe in fostering a good relationship with our clients and want them to come back to us for every single digital marketing need.

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