How to Use LinkedIn Learning Chapter Quiz Part -2

Linkedin Learning quiz

On your course navigation bar, which icon can you select to access the courses you have in progress, your collections, your learning history, as well as skills and settings?

  • the In Progress icon
  • the Home icon
  • the Saved icon

Question 11 of 17

What does the Q&A feature on the LinkedIn Learning platform allow you to do?

  • Read an in-depth description of the course.
  • Search for the most frequently asked questions.
  • Search for answers to the chapter quizzes.

Question 12 of 17

While you were watching a video, you had to stop for a few hours. How can you most easily go back to the point in the video where you left off?

  • You can do this from the Saved icon in the navigation bar.
  • You can do this by clicking the My Profile icon on the navigation bar.
  • You can do this by clicking the Home icon on the navigation bar.

Question 13 of 17

The Questions and Answers tab does not appear in all courses. For the courses where this feature does appear, what is its most important purpose?

  • to let instructors serve as the only respondents to the questions
  • to change learning to instructor-based
  • to provide learners with practice groups for exams

Yesterday, you completed a course. Today, your boss is asking to see the certificate of completion for that course. Where can you download the certificate of completion for a particular course?

  • Check your email, as you will receive an email containing the certificate of completion that you can download.
  • In a course, under What’s Included, select See All next to Exercise Files, and then download the certificate for that course.
  • You will need to retake the course to download the certificate of completion, as it is only offered right after completing the course.

Question 15 of 17

You are on LinkedIn because you feel it is time to gain a management position. You have just completed a very complex course. What should you do with your certificate of completion?

  • Download the certificate, then attach it to the resumes you send out to employers you are interested in.
  • Do not add it to your profile, because employers want to know what you have done and not new things you have learned.
  • Keep the certificate from your profile until you have enough to provide a “certificate bouquet” to potential employers.

Question 16 of 17

Beverly is on a course page that she is interested in. She notices the chapters of the course are listed under the table of contents. How can she see the videos that are within each chapter?

  • by selecting the notebook for the course
  • by taking the course
  • by selecting the transcript of the course

Question 17 of 17

Juan is watching a video. He will need to stop for a moment, and then resume the video. To stay on track, what is Juan’s best option when using the video player controls?

  • Select the Stop/Start icon.
  • Select the Skip Back icon.
  • Select the Previous Video icon.

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Question 1 of 1

What is the purpose of having the Learning Groups feature on LinkedIn Learning?

  • so you can meet with others in your course, and work together on the course material
  • so you can ask questions about a particular course
  • to raise proceeds for a united cause that interests you

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