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Dede Korkut

Literature Desk, Delhi Magazine: Dede Korkut stories, which are on UNESCO’s Representative List of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage, are one of the most important works of Turkish literature. This work, which was written anonymously, described the inter-tribal struggles of the Oghuz Turks in an epic language. So, what are the characters and features of Dede Korkut heroes- Dede Korkut stories? Here are all the curious details.


There are different stories in the stories of Dede Korkut, which is accepted as the oldest known literary work of Oghuz Turks. These stories have various characters. It consists of 12 stories in total. Request,characters:

Bayındır Han
Korkut Ata
Dirse Han and Boğaç Han
Salur Kazan
Ban Çiçek
Bamsı Beyrek
Kazan Bey
Deli Dumrul
Kazılık Koca
Beğil Son Emren

Dede Korkut heroes

Dede Korkut stories, which were written in the 15th century and are anonymous, consist of 12 chapters. There are 7 main characters in this work. These characters are Bamsı Beyrek, Banu Çiçek, Başat, Bayındır Han, Burla Hatun, Deli Dumrul and Uruz Er.

Dede Korkut characters are discussed separately or together in different chapters. Each character has different narrations in line with the events experienced.

Who is the protagonist of Dede Korkut stories?

Dede Korkut stories tell about the struggles between the tribes of the Oghuz Turks. Although the Oghuz Turks consist of 24 tribes, the story of 12 necks is discussed. In each of the chapters, besides the heroism of the Oghuz Turks, love, bravery, nature, traditions and customs are also discussed. Dede Korkut stories include Bamsı Beyrek, Banu Çiçek, Başat, Bayındır Han, Burla Hatun, Deli Dumrul and Uruz Er. The protagonist of Dede Korkut stories is Boğaç Han. Boğaç Han is the chief of the Dirse Han Oglı Tribe. Boğaç Han symbolizes mind, spirit and physical strength in the work.

What are the Dede Korkut narratives?

Dede Korkut narratives wrote the stories of the Oghuz tribes. In this work, the subjects of heroism, customs, traditions, love and bravery are handled.

Places in Dede Korkut stories

Oghuz tribes are the oldest Turkish communities living in Central Asia. These neck epic stories, which are the emergence of Dede Korkut stories, are processed in detail. In the stories of Dede Korkut, there are texts in the Caucasus and Azerbaijan as the place where the events took place. Spaces, on the other hand, vary as real and imagined according to perceptions.

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Which Is Not One Of The 

Heroes: Bayındır Han, Kam Büre Han, Banı Çiçek, Bamsı Beyrek

The Story of Kazıcık’s Husband and Son Yigenek:

When Bayındır Khan gathers the Oghuzs, Kazıcık wants a castle on the Black Sea. He gathers his men and sets out for the Black Sea. He attacks the rook replica, but is captured. Years pass, Kazıcık’s son turns 16. He asks permission from Bayındır Han and goes to the castle on an expedition. He sees Dede Korkut in his dream and receives advice. He keeps his advice and defeats the repetition and saves his father from captivity under the name of Yiğinek Bey.

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