Who are the Archangels and how to invoke them?

Who are the Archangels

Religious Desk, Delhi Magazine: In the angelic world, the archangels hold a special place. Archangels are managers or archistrates who oversee the work of our guardian angels. They are one of the nine bands of angels (the crowd of angels, holy archangels, beginners, masters, heavenly powers, lords, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim). Of these angelic hosts, guardian angels and archangels are most involved in helping the Earth and its inhabitants.

Compared to guardian angels, archangels are very large, have a very strong voice and imposing stature, but they are also extremely loving and selfless. As incarnate heavenly beings, they have no gender. However, their characteristic strengths and characteristics give them distinct energies and appearances, male and female.

Who are the Archangels

Cited by the three monotheistic religions, angels and archangels are of growing interest to our contemporaries.

 “ Where do the archangels live?

Who are they?

Who is my archangel? ”

” Each of us, each person on earth, is the ideal vehicle to accomplish a particular divine mission, expressed by a choice of soul. At birth, we forget everything: God, the soul, the mission and the divine angels who are committed to assisting us in achieving this goal, ” she explains from the first pages of the book. Far from being complicated, his light and lively pen takes us into the angelic worlds with ease. The child’s soul is at work, we feel a real sincerity in the approach and the deep density of the channeled transmissions. Discover here an excerpt from her book, dedicated to the archangels, whom she calls the “archangelic mentors ” :

“In addition to our guardian angels and our guides, we can call on the assistance of the archangels in our movement towards recognition.

As you know if you have read my book Acting with Angels , each of them, like guardian angels, is an expression of God, or the Divine. Like all angels, they only intervene at our request. Our free will is a rule of the game that is always respected, whether the request is made to a specific Angelic Presence or directly to God. In fact, working with angels and archangels makes it easier for us to get in touch with the Divine, which is more effective for our recognition.

How many Archangels are there in total?

The Bible mentions the Archangels Michael and Gabriel , and in some versions the Archangels Raphael and Uriel are also found. The ancient Hebrew texts mention about 15 archangels

In the book of Enoch, there are eight archangels: Uriel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Sariel, Phanuel and Gabriel. The eight archangels are part of an ancient tradition of Jewish origin.

The Catholic Church, however, has only three. In fact, only the texts that belong to the Holy Scriptures are considered valid. Therefore, in the Middle Ages it was established that only three archangels mentioned in the Bible were allowed: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael .

The Catholic Church recognizes the existence of only three Archangels, or the three mentioned in the Scriptures: Michael (“who is like God?”), Gabriel (“strength of God”) and Raphael (“medicine of God”).

Each Archangel expresses a particular frequency of the Divine, a specific divine quality. Therefore, it is easy to imagine that certain archangels bring qualities to the table that are more or less interesting for a given mission. We are now going to study fifteen archangels (the same as in Dealing with Angels ) in order to determine which ones can be the best allies for our personal mission.


What are the 15 archangels?

  • Archangel Michael: protectors and lightworkers
  • Archangel Raphael: therapists and healers
  • Archangel Gabriel: communicators and clairvoyants
  • Archangel Jophiel: artists and creators
  • Archangel Zadkiel: mediators and conciliators
  • Metatron: teachers and learners
  • Archangel Sandalphon: musicians and singers
  • Archangel Ariel: Landscapers and Gardeners
  • Archangel Uriel: emergency physicians and “awareness-raisers”
  • Archangel Azrael: undertakers and mediums
  • Archangel Chamuel: researchers and investigators
  • Archangel Jérémiel: life coaches and “dreamers”
  • Archangel Haniel: healers and hypersensitive
  • Archangel Raguel: justice and balance
  • Archangel Raziel: Leaders and Gurus

Archangel Michael: protectors and lightworkers

Archangel Michael, often depicted with a sword, expresses the power (of love) of God. Its goal is transformation: to transform the fear that torments the earth, to create space for love. Valour, power, protection: souls who feel called to work for the protection of others can ask Michael for assistance, such as police officers, soldiers, firefighters, emergency workers, bodyguards, etc.

But Michael’s role as a mentor is not limited to these professions which are obvious to society. He is also the mentor or patron of all lightworkers!

Recognizing that a soul who expresses herself as a lightworker has come to enlighten the darkness and bring love to transform fear, we see a natural alliance between the purpose of this soul and that of Michael. Thus, Archangel Michael is perhaps the archangelic mentor/ally for those who recognize themselves as lightworkers (you, perhaps?)

Not sure where to go or what to do? In addition to the insights provided by the exercises in this book, Michael’s assistance can help you understand and accomplish the next steps on your journey in alignment with your specific life plan and mission.

Archangel Raphael: therapists and healers

Raphael is another very well known archangelic mentor, who expresses Divine healing. He is therefore a great mentor and ally for those who work in the field of health and healing, both traditional and holistic: doctors, nurses, therapists, hospital workers and technicians, palliative care assistants, and all categories of practitioners.

It should be noted that divine healing is not exactly what humans refer to as the eradication of the symptoms of disease. Divine healing is more in alignment with the soul plan…and it’s not the same thing!

In the first case, we observe the disappearance of the symptoms and we are happy about it… until they return. Modern medicine is effective in relieving symptoms, but sometimes it does so without addressing the root of the problem. Whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, all illness is an energy imbalance. Medication does not transform the imbalance, but temporarily restores balance and, therefore, makes the symptoms disappear. (If we have to take a medicine for life, it means that the deep healing has not taken place). Let us be clear, it is not a question of abandoning such treatments. They are sometimes necessary. But that’s not what Raphael is proposing: divine healing.

Divine healing seeks to balance the underlying problem or align us with the idea that the balance is already there. Oh good ?

Knowing that there is no chance, never, on a soul’s journey towards recognition, no illness is fortuitous. Each one is a gift, even if humans have great difficulty seeing it from this angle.

A disease is either a gift that invites us (or obliges us!) to balance what needs it (diet, stress, work/leisure relationship, etc.)… or a choice of the soul because it is already aligned with its mission.

In the first case, examples of burnout, depression, heart problems or back pain are conditions that force a vessel (human form) to transform, slow down or change direction. It is always aligned with the life mission, even if it does not go in the direction of human ambitions.

In the second case, we see people who are going through difficult situations, children or adults struggling with serious chronic illnesses… in alignment with the chosen mission

by their soul. As we have already seen, these people have an impact on those around them, they invite to cultivate compassion and/or can allow souls to balance their karma. We don’t always grasp the cause, but there are also archangelic mentors like Metatron who can help us understand.

Archangel Gabriel: communicators and clairvoyants

Archangel Gabriel perfectly expresses divine communication. So she (of course, angels don’t have a gender, but Gabriel – or Gabrielle – is a feminine and receptive energy) is a great mentor and an invaluable ally for those who work in the field of communication: writers, speakers, journalists, presenters, etc.

Gabrielle can help us with both human and divine communication. She can bring our human communications into alignment with the highest frequency available to us at any given time, and it is fantastic to be able to ask for her assistance when we have bad news to report, or if we have a communicator function.

But it also helps us with divine communication and, therefore, with the reopening of our gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and precognition.

(intuition). The abilities to see, hear, smell and know beyond what is considered normal will be examined in detail a little later, so for now it will suffice to say that these gifts are not simply normal, but that they are an integral part of our recognition.

Archangel Jophiel: artists and creators

Archangel Jophiel is the beauty of God and although his name is not well known, we can imagine that everyone has experienced his Presence at one time or another. As one can imagine, Jophiel is an excellent partner for artists, those whose life purpose/soul mission finds expression in creating beauty on earth. But his Presence is not reserved for those who consider themselves artists, but for all of us, on some level, when we remember that we are responsible for our lives, because we created them!

Each of us is a child of the Creator and therefore we create. We can’t help it, it’s in our DNA.

What is new to some of us, however, and part of our recognition, is that we are creating all the time, consciously and unconsciously. We create by our actions, of course, but also by our thoughts, our emotions and our words. What we express in this way emanates from us and fills our energy field. What is in our energy field creates…according to the law that energy seeks balance. What is in phase with the surrounding energy is attracted; what is not is blocked. Every word that comes out of our lips carries the energy of creation. Every thought radiates its high or low frequency energy. Every emotion, from the highest to the heaviest, is rooted in the thought that spawned it. This is how we support or block our own dreams by our actions,

Once we recognize this, it is possible for us to make a change. With Jophiel’s help, we can purify our emanation and consciously create from our words, becoming artists of the masterpiece that is our life!

Archangel Zadkiel: mediators and conciliators

Archangel Zadkiel is known as the one who expresses divine forgiveness, helping us to see, hear, feel and know in every situation God’s eternal point of view, gratitude. It helps us see things from an elevated perspective and let go of anything that is out of alignment with the highest plan.

On land, Zadkiel is an excellent mentor for mediators and conciliators, intermediaries in social, judicial and governmental systems. But not only ! He is also a wonderful mentor for those who cannot forgive, and who carry the burdens of their past into the present.

When we are encumbered by our mistakes from the past, we are not available in the present to live our highest expression of life…our mission! Related to the other law of energy – where does the attention go, does the energy go – when we hold on to anger or hurt from past events, we get stuck there! It is impossible to return to unity, to align ourselves with our soul and its mission, because we are stuck in the heavy energies of the past.

Working with Zadkiel gently brings us back to the Truth of innocence (ours and others) from the eternal perspective, remembering that we are souls playing

a role here. Even the worst experiences that affect us are soul contracts that Zadkiel can help us release. With a little help from our friends in high places, we will even be able to see how they serve us…

Metatron: teachers and learners

Metatron is the Archangelic Presence that expresses divine wisdom and understanding. Therefore, he is the mentor of those who are drawn to teaching and studying. Teaching professionals and students of all levels can benefit from its assistance.

Moreover, even though we are neither teachers nor students, we are still learning and transmitting. This is how life on earth is. If our soul needs us to understand something (for karmic reasons, for example, or in alignment with our overall mission), we relive the experience over and over again that will make us understand what we need to move forward.

When a situation is recurrent or deeply disturbing, Metatron can help us get an in-depth look, just ask him and open our listening to hear the answer. Such an experience always helps us find ourselves.

Archangel Sandalphon: musicians and singers

Archangel Sandalphon is the music or song of God, and it is an excellent ally for all professional or amateur musicians and singers.

But it also helps each of us to recognize our body as an instrument, and to learn to play it. It is the seat of recognition: no longer identifying with the body and learning to see it (to love it and to play it) as our sacred instrument.

Society sometimes teaches us that there is no place for our voice, either to sing or to speak its Truth. This is again part of Oblivion, and we can imagine that there are, within duality, forces of light inviting us to remember (like the angels) and other forces trying to remind us. hold in the dark. But our voice is crucial to our mission, whether we are on earth to sing or to express our personal perspective.

Song is the high frequency of joy, which is why it is important to find our authentic voice for the expression of joy, light and soul love on earth at this time. Remembering that all voices come from God (whether the world recognizes it or not) is the key to creating new harmonies in the stuff of time, with each instrument playing your personal score!

Archangel Ariel: Landscapers and Gardeners

Ariel is the closest archangel to nature and the elemental energies sometimes called fairies. It is an energy powerhouse only available to humans who remember that we are co-custodians of the earth, come to love and protect our environment. He is therefore an excellent mentor for those who work in ecology, or with land and water in one way or another, as long as they do so with love and respect.

Ariel is there for us too if our soul asks us to be consistent with our role as protectors of the earth, striving towards a life of consuming sobriety and heightened appreciation of the earth and its wonders. This includes sensitive people who have a strong connection to elemental energies, as many in this lifetime expressed as elementals in their previous lives and saw that the earth needed protection from the human blindness.

All who work with Ariel are bringing humanity back into balance in their relationship to the earth, and many lightworkers are being called in this direction.

Archangel Uriel: emergency physicians and “awareness-raisers”

Archangel Uriel, the fire of God, do not laugh! He is present wherever there is fire…or any type of storm or disaster, natural or otherwise. In this time of wildfires, floods, pandemics, earthquakes, economic collapses, and personal upheaval and disintegration, this divine Presence is active on earth. Uriel is therefore a great ally for those who work around the world as first responders, emergency doctors, firefighters and all those who provide assistance in conflicts.

He is there too for anyone who feels the burn of these troubled times, reminding us to remember: that accidents are no coincidences, that whatever happens is meant to lead us to our soul and its mission, even when we are not aware of it.

As the field that has been burned grows more fertile, so do our lives, once the fires are extinguished and the calm gives us new eyes. And Uriel assists us through the upheavals of life, lifting our foreheads as soon as possible, keeping our heads cool in the fury of the fire and then helping us with acknowledgment to rebuild us more in alignment with our truth.

Archangel Azrael: undertakers and mediums

The Archangel Azrael, also called the Angel of Death, is not here to assassinate us! Now that we have ruled that out, it should be known that Azrael radiates great bright light to guide us from here to the afterlife at the time of death, illuminating the way back.

Azrael is the keeper of the (rapidly thinning) veil separating ordinary life on earth from the eternal truth of life. It is therefore an excellent ally for humans who accompany the dying (or their loved ones) in the difficult and far from obvious process of abandoning their attachment to life in order to return to their eternal home. Doctors, nurses, therapists, palliative care assistants, undertakers, all those who lighten the burden of the dying and their families should entrust theirs to Azraël for his support.

But, as we will all meet Azrael when the time comes, perhaps we should call him in order to recognize him when our time has come, for that would ease our passage by soothing him. We also experience several periods of “death” during life, during which we can use the support of the one who helps us to remember that the truth of our being is not in this form of space-time, but in the love and the light of the soul and of the eternal Source.

Archangel Chamuel: researchers and investigators

Archangel Chamuel (sometimes called Samuel), the one who seeks God, supports all human quests, which are what precedes all recognition. He is therefore an excellent mentor for those who make research their profession, such as scientists and detectives.

It is also a wonderful ally for each of us, since we all have to search for something from time to time. Whether it’s the keys to the car or the keys to the kingdom, a parking space or a place to settle down and put down roots, peace on earth or a little break from a busy day, Chamuel can help us. Why not ask him?

Some say that angels have better things to do than help us find “tinkering”. Oh good ?

Imagine a part of God being oblivious and, like an elephant in a china shop, knocking over everything in its path. Now imagine that part of God being us (because it is). Absoutely !

The angels have every interest in helping us to find calm, slow down and recognize.

Think about the state you were in the last time you lost your keys or your wallet, or when you couldn’t find a parking space. Remember that we create through our thoughts, emotions and words.

Exactly ! Thank you, Chamuel.

Archangel Jérémiel: life coaches and “dreamers”

Archangel Jeremiah is the presence of God who welcomes us when Azrael brings us from here below to the beyond. He guides our life review, during which we are not judged (all the judgment happens on earth, and most of the punishment), but rather guided by this heavenly life coach to see clearly what has been achieved by compared to the original mission and what went wrong.

If the plan was successful and the mission completed, the next one (if one is needed) begins to fall into place. If it has failed, a new plan of life taking up the same theme – perhaps with slight modifications – begins to be worked out, taking into account all the experience acquired and any karma contracted.

We therefore see how Jérémiel can be a formidable ally for a life coach who seeks to guide and assist his clients in their quest to find out what is working and what is not on their path. In fact, each of us can ask for Jérémiel’s help to take stock of our life halfway through.

Jérémiel also has the specificity of helping “dreamers” to understand their clairvoyant dreams. In ancient cultures, shamans or tribal leaders used dreams (some still do) to access higher wisdom for their community. I heard that this technique is making a comeback, so if you feel like you have this gift, it’s good to have Jeremiel as an ally.

But how do you know when a dream carries a message? Most of them are just the disposal of mental waste at the end of the day.

A message-carrying dream will have one or more of these characteristics:

  • He remains present. Emotions or images accompany us all day or more.
  • It is recurring. The soul sends its lessons again and again, until we receive what we need.
  • It contains great emotion. We wake up laughing or crying, or both.
  • It may contain a visit from a deceased loved one or an ascended master.

If you are a dreamer, now is the time to team up with Jérémiel. Perhaps your dreams can serve your mission, even humanity.

Archangel Haniel: healers and hypersensitive

Archangel Haniel, the Grace of God, carries a natural healing energy for all who claim it. If you are one of those who work for natural healing, with essential oils, homeopathy, crystals, sound or light, Haniel is a good mentor and a wonderful ally. If you have read my book Acting with crystals , you already know how much Haniel is a precious ally.

But for all hypersensitive people, she is an interesting high-placed friend, because she recommends us to play our instruments with wisdom, grace and gentleness. Haniel is connected to

the moon, and its silvery light reminds those who know how to see it of the full harvest moon, a star shining in the night. She asks us to remember that we have phases, like our satellite: contrary to what the world urges us to do, we progress in a natural ebb and flow and cannot continue to live at two hundred percent all the time, twenty four seven.

It is only by accepting our slumps that we can remain in our power and align ourselves with our radiance, with our life mission. When we forget to give ourselves this free time, there is fortunately an archangel who can help us…

Archangel Raguel: justice and balance

Archangel Raguel, the justice of God, helps us in all legal situations on earth at our request. He is therefore a great mentor for those who work for law and justice: police officers, lawyers, judges, prison guards, mediators, and for all those who find themselves entangled in a trial.

He is also the mentor of people who work for charities, helping those to whom life does not give a gift and balancing the scales, in a way.

Finally, it also participates in rebalancing our physical being: it is of great help when the imbalance of the world has exhausted us. If we ask him for an energy boost, he always responds and invigorates us directly. Just ask and wait, opening deeply for the “filling”. (I highly recommend this practice!!!)

Archangel Raziel: Leaders and Gurus

Archangel Raziel, the secret of God, works more with our soul than with our human form, and he preferably intervenes in our life when we have already begun the recognition. It is therefore an excellent ally for spiritual teachers and seekers, leaders and gurus. It is also present for leaders in all areas who wish to lead in alignment with the highest values.

He reminds us of the difference between a Leader and a leader, or between a Guru and a guru.

A leader wants others to follow him. A Leader inspires others to follow.

A guru wants others to recognize his power. A Guru wants others to know their own power, in unity.”

How to Summon the Archangels

With the sincerity of the heart, we can all invoke the archangels at any time of the day. For example, if you feel tired during the day, you can ask Raguel to restore your energy. But for a deeper and more enriching exchange with the angelic world, Kathryn Hudson offers several meditation and visualization exercises in her book. Balancing of the chakras , contact with the inner child , opening of the heart and cultivation of the “sweet spot”… The practice is essential to develop one’s connections with the subtle energies.

Rather than “claiming” using formulas like ” I want to find love ” or ” I want to meet someone “, the author suggests expressing positive affirmations like ” I love it when I’m in love and loved in return “. When you feel the vibration of affirmation, it is a sign that the message has passed. This is what Kathryn Hudson explained during an interview conducted by the delicious Lilou Macé:

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