Louis Klamroth Accepted – He Was in a Relationship With Climate Protection Activist Luisa Neubauer

Louis Klamroth

Lifestyle Desk, Delhi Magazine: The 33-year-old previously moderated the political talk show “Klamroths Konter” on n-tv, for which he won the German Television Prize (sponsorship award) in 2018. He received a lot of attention in 2021 with the “ProSieben Bundestag election show”, where he recently moderated two episodes of a political show together with Linda Zervakis . The son of actor Peter Lohmeyer presented a documentary about inheritance for ZDF in 2021.

Almost a month before his debut on “Hart aber fair”, Louis Klamroth gave an interview to the media service “DWDL” . In it he announces that he does not want to do everything differently, even if Frank Plasberg’s move to him is “a giant step” for “Hart aber fair” and the WDR: “Towards a moderator half his age, who also has a beard and not wearing a jacket.”

Furthermore, Klamroth is asked in the interview about his former membership in a debating club – but also about the fact that he is with Luisa Neubauer , the best-known face of the German climate protection movement.

Louis Klamroth emphasizes that his private life will remain private in the future. But: “Since I’m with a person in public life, I think the audience has a right to know that.” It’s important to him “to be transparent at the point.” However, journalistic independence is his principle, and his audience can rely on that. He masters the clean, journalistic craft.

Klamroth refers to the “very experienced editors” of the talk show, in which open discussions are held about which topics are considered relevant, how they are processed and who is invited. “It goes without saying that my partner won’t be a guest on my show,” emphasizes the presenter.

In his ProSieben show during the federal election campaign in May 2021, Klamroth discussed a quote from Luisa Neubauer with the then Union top man Armin Laschet , among other things, that the CDU candidate Hans-Georg Maaßen was spreading anti-Semitic codes. As early as 2019, a joint event by Louis Klamroth and Luisa Neubauer on their book.

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