Indian Chinese Soldiers Clashes Video in Tawang

India china clash video

World Desk, Delhi Magazine:  The situation is stable now after the skirmish between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh. In the confrontation in the Tawang sector, Indian soldiers beat Chinese soldiers fiercely. The loss on the Chinese side is more. A video is becoming quite viral on social media in which Indian soldiers are seen beating up Chinese soldiers fiercely.

What is in viral video of clashes of Indian and China Army Soldiers

It is seen in the viral video that Chinese soldiers were making nefarious attempts to enter India through LAC, when Indian soldiers stopped them and pushed them back. Chinese soldiers were entering the Indian border by crossing the barbed wire. When one side rained sticks, the Chinese soldiers got scared and ran back, their nefarious designs remained incomplete due to the efforts of the Indian soldiers. Indian soldiers beat them fiercely.

On December 9, 600 Chinese soldiers were trying to infiltrate. They were armed with barbed sticks and electric batons. The Indian Army was also fully prepared this time. Our army also responded to them with barbed sticks and rods. Dozens of Chinese soldiers have broken bones in this.

The first reaction from China has come on the clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. China says the situation on the Indian border is ‘stable’. According to the news agency AFP, China said that the situation is now ‘stable’ after the skirmish on the Tawang sector.


The Indian Army said in a statement, “There was a skirmish on 9 December along the LAC in the Tawang sector with soldiers of the PLA (Army of China). Our soldiers resolutely faced the Chinese soldiers. Some jawans from both sides suffered minor injuries in the clash.” The statement said that both sides immediately retreated from the area. Thereafter, our Commander held a ‘Flag Meeting’ with the Chinese counterpart to restore peace as per established mechanisms.

What America Said on India China Clash

US Defense Ministry Pentagon Press Secretary Pat Ryder said on Tawang – China takes provocation. America saw that China is mobilizing army around LAC and building military infrastructure. We will fully support India’s efforts to control the situation. We will continue to ensure the safety of our friendly countries


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