Main Factors of Happiness in Life

happiness mind of state

Life Mantra, Delhi- Magazine: Happiness is a way of life and it is not something to be acquired and kept. People put their whole life behind happiness but they get dissatisfied. Happiness is something that can be felt from within and not from outside.
According to Buddhism, “Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are.” It just depends on what you think.

happiness mind of state

Happiness is the state of being really happy and content. Many philosophers have given different views on this subject, although the most impressive fact is that happiness can be felt from within.

If a person does any work according to his wish, then he gets happiness. But he does not get money. Or if he ever gets money, then he does not get happiness. It means that happiness comes, but money is not.

The researcher has derived his own formula that helps to get around the well-known paradox when the pursuit of happiness makes people unhappy.

What is happiness

According to Buddhism, “Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are.” It just depends on what you think.

A large body of research over the past few decades clearly points to the cultivation of happiness as an independent phenomenon, writes Harvard University behavioral psychology expert Tal Ben-Shahar for Science Focus .

At the same time, other studies, such as the work of a team at the University of Denver, show that over-seeking happiness can be a failure. For example, research has shown that people who value happiness highly are more likely to be lonely , which is closely associated with depression and even depression.

Lead study author Iris Mauss suggested that a strong focus on achieving happiness leads to people neglecting things like relationships or taking care of themselves. And this could also be the source of their happiness.

happiness in friends at delhi metro

“The solution to this paradox is to value (and pursue) those things that indirectly lead to happiness,” writes Ben-Shahar.

An expert from Harvard named five such goals, the achievement of which makes people truly happy.

Physical well-being

Psychological and physical states are not two separate concepts, but rather related and interdependent. Happiness does not depend on mind or body, but on both.

To achieve happiness, we must satisfy our needs for exercise, healthy food, and sleep .

Spiritual well-being

Most people associate spirituality with religion, especially faith in God. Of course, spirituality can be found in religion, but you can also walk this path wi

thout it.

According to the expert, spiritual well-being lies in gaining a sense of purpose and meaning in life .

Intellectual wellbeing

The connection between intelligence and happiness is quite ambiguous, but there is a strong connection with how people use their intelligence and feelings of happiness. Ben Shahar notes that a high grade in school or university will not make children happy.

It is more about curiosity and openness, as well as deep involvement in the learning process . All of these are building blocks of intellectual well-being and, as a result, personality integrity.

Social wellbeing

Ben Shahar says that it is not money or prestige that leads to happiness, but the quantity and quality of the time we spend with people we care about .

Healthy relationships are the foundation of a fulfilling life. But it’s not just the connection with friends, family, or coworkers that matters. Cultivating healthy relationships with yourself is also necessary if people want to enjoy the same healthy relationships with others.

Emotional well-being

Emotions also play a key role in overall happiness. The expert emphasizes that emotions are the result of our actions and, in turn, shape our thoughts.

Emotional well-being depends on the ability of people to experience both pleasant emotions and the ability to cope with painful ones , such as envy and sadness.

Tal Ben-Shahar believes that each of these factors leads to a happier life, and also helps to bypass the trap of the happiness paradox. People can enjoy personal growth (spiritual well-being), regular exercise (physical well-being), learning (intellectual well-being), socializing with friends and loved ones (social well-being), and relaxation (emotional well-being).

Meeting to some old good friends:

We also feel happy to meet our old and good colleagues. Some old things and memories related to them are refreshed in the mind and we get happiness. It can also be named as attachment.


If you have money, you have friends but you are not free to do any desired thing – travel, eat etc, due to any restrictions in that area, all other factors will be no of use. That’s why freedome is also one of the important factor in  happiness.


Success gives happiness to everyone. Success gives happiness to home, family, relationship, kin, friend, society, everyone. Whether success is small or big, the mind becomes happy.

Happiness in Relationships

Many people associate happiness with money and many people associate it with relationships. They do not understand that unless they are happy themselves, they will not be able to feel happiness in their relationships as well.

How to be happy with what you have

Here below are some facts that can help you be happy:

  • Take care of yourself. Don’t give priority to the other person over yourself and don’t let them do the same. If you give too much priority to someone and get nothing in return then you are creating a recipe for your disappointment.
  • If you want to go somewhere, plan it yourself. Don’t wait for your partner, parent or child to take you there. Tell them you’d love it if they came along. However, if they refuse then there is no need to be disappointed. Keep up with your plan.
  • Before blaming others, correct your mistakes and start a new begining.
  • Don’t listen to people, listen to your heart
  • Do the work that makes you happy.
  • No matter how small or big you are, understand the power of your efforts.
  • Fighting doesn’t make any difference! Have a good conversation on any topic.
  • Always keep your mind calm and answer only after listening to the things well.
  • Don’t get jealous by looking at other people’s words and people.
  • Keep your anger under control. If you work in a company and you have not taken leave for a long time, then take a leave for a few days.
  • Make your work creative to bring enthusiasm in your life.
  • Don’t do anything to prove yourself to others.
  • Life is not difficult, people make it difficult with their actions.
  • There is nothing to be gained by sitting and get out of your sad life and find some great ways to be happy.
  • Have faith in yourself that you can do everything.

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How to be happy when you are alone:

  • Thank God for every day of your life, for every moment of your life.
  • Plant trees in your house because it keeps the environment clean and beautiful and the mind also remains happy.
  • Exercise daily, even if only for a short time.
  • Do worship. Meditate, this will give you peace of mind.
  • Always stay away from bad people and bad things.
  • Don’t waste your time unnecessarily.


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