Navjot Sidhu Made Mother Homeless for Money: Shidhu’s Sister Suman Toor

navjot singh sidhu's sister suman toor

Punjab Desk, Delhi Magazine: Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu’s elder sister Suman Toor has made very serious allegations against him. Suman told that Navjot Sidhu had thrown their mother out of the house after their father’s death. Not only this, he has also blocked her on whatsapp.

In 1986, Sidhu evicted their mother from the house and three years later their mother died in an abandoned condition. Suman accuses Sidhu that she has seen a very bad time. After the death of her father, Sidhu took the house in his name and threw them out of the house.

navjot singh sidhu's sister suman toor

Sidhu ended the family after the money. Suman told that, the person who don’t care about his own family, how can he care about others?

He never got involved in the happiness and misery of the family. Not only this, when she went to meet Sidhu on January 20, he did not even open the door and refused to even meet her.

She questioned Sidhu and asked why he left his own mother unattended after the money. Why did he do this to his own family?

She told during the press conference that she lives in America and is 15 years older than Sidhu. Her press conference is not a political stunt. She told that Sidhu had lied about the family during the interview last week. What he told about his parents was a lie. Their mother belonged to Hinduism while father belonged to Sikhism. She comes to India every year.

When Suman Toor was speaking, she became very emotional and started crying. Suman Toor told, their trouble started when their father Bhagwant Singh Sidhu died.

According to Suman, as soon as the ‘Bhog’ ceremony was completed, Navjot Singh Sidhu suddenly threw mom and me (Suman) out of the house. His behavior was so rude that she was forced to walk on her feet till the bus stand. All this was done to grab the property.

Suman told that Navjot Singh Sidhu is so emotionless towards his family that after the tragic death of elder sister and family members in the accident, he did not even mourn.

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