Collaborated with edForce to Expand Their Market in India

Ravi Kaklasaria - edforce

Press Release Desk, Bengaluru, India – July 05, 2023 – A strategic agreement has been formed between edForce, a workforce upskilling accelerator based in Bengaluru, and, the world leader in Agile training and certifications with its headquarters in Massachusetts, USA. Through the provision of cutting-edge Agile learning solutions and the empowerment of professionals to deliver Agile projects to the highest standard, this groundbreaking cooperation will revolutionise the upskilling and reskilling of the Indian IT sector workforce.

The $150 billion Indian IT sector, which employs over 5 million people, spends an astounding $3 billion yearly on workforce upskilling. By offering top-notch Agile training that adheres to global standards and best practises, is poised to have a significant impact on the industry as a result of this exciting cooperation.

Together, and edForce will expand their market penetration and industry knowledge in India, and edForce will have access to’s premium content, courses, and prestigious Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) network. Together, they will promote the adoption of Agile approaches throughout the Indian IT scene and guarantee the reliable supply of top-notch Scrum training.

Dave West, CEO of, emphasized the significance of consistent Scrum training, stating, “Inconsistent teaching of the Scrum Framework often hampers Scrum teams from grasping essential concepts when learning from different sources. edForce’s membership in the Professional Training Network (PTN) exemplifies their commitment to delivering the highest quality and most consistent Scrum training.”

Ravi Kaklasaria, Co-Founder and CEO of edForce, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Partnering with, a global leader in the Agile community, is a game-changer for edForce. This collaboration empowers us to provide our clients with exceptional Scrum training delivered by highly experienced Professional Scrum Trainers. We are committed to delivering consistent, high-quality training experiences that enable professionals and organizations to thrive in Agile environments.”

edForce will incorporate’s comprehensive courses into its portfolio, offering clients a wide range of training programs, including preparation for the industry-recognized Professional Scrum certification. Each course includes an assessment attempt, and participants who score 85% or better receive certification, bolstering their career prospects and industry recognition.

The collaboration between and edForce occurs at a crucial moment when Agile approaches are rapidly gaining ground in the IT sector. This partnership is expected to revolutionise Agile adoption by fusing the world-renowned techniques with the training experience of edForce, spurring creativity and commercial success in businesses across India.


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