Singer Ani Lorak Shocked Fans by Sharing Her Gorgeous Pics*

Singer Ani Lorak

Singer Ani Lorak (real name – Karolina Kuek), who returned to Kiev, decided to radically change her image. The artist shared the result of her transformation in her Instagram Stories.

Fans will remember the performer as a burning brunette with long hair and piercing eyes. In this form, Ani constantly appeared on stage for several years. As soon as the 42-year-old star returned to her native Ukraine, her heart demanded a change. To accomplish this task, the singer resorted to the services of local stylists. So, experts dyed Lorak’s dark hair in platinum blond and deprived it of its length.

Ani posted a photo of the experiment with the appearance on a social network. “What do you think?” – she asked the subscribers.

Lorak’s new bow caused a mixed reaction from followers. “You have become completely gray-haired”, “Somehow you have grown old, it seems to me,” – responded to what they saw the Internet users.

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