Things that Damage the Battery of Smartphone

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Lifestyle Desk, Delhi- Magazine:  Batteries are often the “weak link” in modern smartphones. These components can now only be replaced by a workshop, and the service is not the cheapest. It is therefore advisable to take at least minimal care of the battery in order to prolong its life cycle as much as possible.

Things that are harmful for your phone battery

To do this, you need to follow some simple rules and change potentially harmful habits for the battery, notes How-to Geek. Here are some of them.

  1. The first is the use of poor quality or even damaged cables and chargers. They pose a direct danger to the consumer and his property. However, damage can often be “invisible”. For example, a cable that is bent too hard can be damaged without being visible, but it can lead to the same risk. Also, incompatible chargers and cables may not provide the required voltage and this may damage the device.
  2.  Consuming the battery completely is also very harmful to it. It is recommended to charge before it falls below 20% charge. Shorter recharges, ie. in the range of 20-80% are considered more efficient for the battery in the long run.
  3. Accordingly, keeping the phone connected to the mains for a long time is also harmful. When the device reaches the desired charge or 100%, it must be disconnected from the mains. It is not as harmful as full consumption, but it is still not recommended in the long run.


How to charge Android smartphone fastest

Modern smartphones charge much faster, but sometimes we have to provide as much extra energy as possible in the shortest time. How-toGeek gives some ideas on how to charge your Android smartphone the fastest.

The easiest way is to turn off the smartphone completely while charging. Then there will be no additional running processors to use power and system resources.

Of course, this is not always the best option. Therefore, another obvious recommendation is to turn off all unnecessary applications and not use the phone while charging.

It is also better to use a charger and charge the phone via the mains instead of the USB port. The latter has a much lower maximum power for power transmission, which means a much longer time to charge the device.

Nowadays, however, even chargers are different. Depending on the model of the smartphone, it can also support much more powerful chargers, which will provide faster charging. However, these chargers are not always included. Therefore, it is good to check in the specifications of the device what chargers it supports and to use one for maximum speed.

It is important to specify that even the cable is important for the fastest possible charging. It should also support higher power, with some phones warning if a suitable cable is not used. However, you should not rely on a possible warning, but check again in the specifications of the device. Here, too, manufacturers have their own preferences for different technologies and standards.

Although wireless recharging technologies are also much more advanced, they still cannot be measured in speed with traditional cable and charger charging. Therefore, if a person wants maximum speed, he should use a cable, and wireless recharging should be for the moments when he is not in a hurry.

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