Makeup for Slimness: How to Putup Makeup to Look Slim?

Simple tricks to make your face more slim and graceful. Emphasize your eyes, make your lips more attractive, create a new look – makeup is like real magic. And with a brush and a couple of products you can make your face more sculpted and look much slimmer.


Despite the fact that hard contouring has long gone out of fashion, the light use of sculptor and bronzer looks very aesthetically pleasing. Plus, just a couple of strokes of the brush can make your face look slimmer.

Sculpting begins after applying foundation. It is important to remember two rules:

  • If you are using a cream product, it can be applied directly to the foundation; the dry sculptor will apply much better if you lightly powder your face before using it.
  • All shading should be directed upward, so the face will seem to lift, become fresher and younger.

To begin, find the cheek bone on your cheek. Draw an imaginary line from it to the outer corner of the eye and here make the first touch with the contouring brush, now blend the line towards the middle of the ear. Repeat on the other cheek.

Don’t darken your cheekbones too low, as this will make you look older. If you want to create the effect of very noticeable cheekbones, draw a line from the first point a couple of centimeters down towards the wing of the nose, and then lower it perpendicular to the chin.

For a more noticeable “slimming” effect, darken the outer side of the face in the forehead area, and then draw a dark line under the jaw, carefully blending it down.

Darken the sides of the neck to make it look more graceful.

Eyes and eyebrows

Makeup artists remind us every now and then that eyebrows are the most important part of the face. Their shape determines whether you will look older and whether your cheeks will become rounder. To prevent this, do not lower the outer corner of the eyebrow below the crease of the eyelid and make sure that the line is directed towards the temple, not towards the ear.

Another way to quickly lose weight with eyebrow makeup is to blend out the beginning, making it more powdery. This way the cheekbones will look more advantageous and the nose will look narrower.

Do not paint your lower eyelashes brightly: if you absolutely cannot refuse their makeup, touch the eyelashes with an angled brush, onto which you first apply a little mascara.


Usually it is the lower part of the face that gets fat. And the emphasis on her lips attracts attention to her. Therefore, avoid bright and dark lip makeup, instead use pink or nude shades and a soft contour pencil.


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