Monica Bellucci Shared Pic from Luxurious Photo Shoot For The Daily Telegraph

Monica bellucci

Lifestyle Desk, Delhi -Magazine: Monica continues to actively act in films and grace the covers of the most famous magazines. 57-years-old Italian actress Monica Bellucci starred in a luxurious photo shoot for The Daily Telegraph, posing for Parisian photographer and director Luc Braque. She shared the photo on her Instagram page.

On it, she poses in a leather trench coat from Courrèges and jewelry from the Cartier jewelry house, whose ambassador Monica Bellucci has been for many years. Her image was complemented by evening make-up.

In addition to the photo shoot, the publication also contains an interview with the actress. In particular, she shared her opinion about participation in the solo performance “Maria Callas. Memories in Letters”. It was directed by Tom Wolf. Monica admitted that sometimes it seems to her that she touched the soul of a great opera singer.

Monica bellucci

As for questions about her personal life and her relationship with ex-husband Vincent Cassel, the actress recalled that they had been divorced for 10 years, and made it clear that she was not in the mood to go further than what was said.

In recent years, she has been regularly photographed with 39-year-old French sculptor and former model Nicolas Lefebvre, which sparked rumors of an affair, although Monica herself did not comment on them. She explains this secrecy simply:

“I protect myself. I really need my own private garden so that part of my life is completely mine. In America, the system makes it more difficult. But for European players, I think we are more able to protect ourselves,” said the celebrity.

But regarding her age, then here she is more talkative. Now, says Monica, things are changing for older actresses in movies. If 40 years ago 40-year-old actresses could count on little, now the situation is different. At 57, Monica remains in high demand in the profession. She recently starred in the action movie “Memory” with Liam Neeson and will appear in the comedy “Mafia Mafia”, which will be filmed in the US.


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