The Most Faithful Zodiac Signs in Relationship

most faithful royal zodic sign

Fidelity is a very important point in a couple . Some still find it difficult not to go elsewhere. Fortunately, there is a sign in astrology that is the most faithful among men. Astrologers have revealed a pattern: based on personal characteristics of character, some signs of the zodiac deceive their soul mates much more often than others.

The most faithful men according to the signs of the zodiac – who are they? Astrologers have compiled a rating of fidelity of husbands according to the signs of the zodiac, which we offer to take a closer look at. The fidelity of men of different signs is predetermined by a variety of qualities.

Rating of  Man’s Zodiac Sign for Loyality in Relationship

The most faithful men according to the signs of the zodiac

most faithful royal zodic sign

1. Scorpio: the most loyal

Contrary to what one might think, Scorpio and its overflowing libido is the most faithful astrological sign. This is explained by the fact that he is whole and that he does not support betrayal. Possessive, he wouldn’t do what he didn’t like to be done to him. When he loves, he loves with all his heart and will have no desire to look elsewhere.

2. Capricorn:

Even if he is not very demonstrative, the Capricorn shows unfailing loyalty. Valuable person, his reliability and his honesty are his main qualities. Which explains why he is the second most faithful zodiac sign. So much so that in his romantic relationships, he needs guarantees and demands commitments, which can reassure the most cautious or scare people thirsty for freedom.

3. The Virgin:

With Virgo, you have nothing to worry about. Attached to family values, she does not trifle with love. Indeed, Virgo needs stability. She likes to feel upright in her sneakers and wants to avoid any feelings of guilt. It is therefore a reliable partner who can be trusted.

4. Pisces

People of Pisces zodiac signs are most faithful in the relationship. A dreamy water sign with a rich and lively imagination. This is a fairly faithful partner who surrounds any relationship with a pleasant romantic veil. He does not skimp on gifts and is constantly looking for ways to pleasantly surprise you. The only thing that can break his oath of allegiance is the comfort zone: measured family life seems boring to Pisces. And if an unexpected magical love sign appears on the horizon (believe me, they know how to attract romance by the ears) – they can succumb to its influence.

5. Leo:

With an eccentric personality, one might think that the Leo is fickle. But it is quite otherwise. Indeed, in addition to vigor and sincerity, fidelity is part of his principles of life. Honest and generous, he would do anything for his other half. And he expects the same from her. Because the Leo needs to feel exclusive to flourish in his romantic relationship.

6. Cancer:

As a great sentimental, Cancer gives an important place to love. Deeply kind, he cannot consider hurting his soul mate. In a relationship, he needs to feel safe to let himself go and it’s never him who takes the first steps. Which explains why he’s not the type to venture elsewhere.

7. Libra:

In perpetual quest for harmony and balance, it is very rare for Libra to commit the irreparable. In fact, she believes in great love that lasts a lifetime. On the other hand, if she feels truly neglected, Libra could have desires elsewhere. But she will always think twice before taking action!

8. Taurus:

Taurus is down to earth and longs for stability in their romantic relationships. But Taurus is a great epicurean who loves all the pleasures of life. His attraction for carnal pleasures can therefore make him stumble… To be sure that he is faithful, he must therefore be fulfilled at all levels!

9. Aquarius:

Unlike friendship, Aquarius is not very faithful in love. Indeed his absolute search for independence makes him unstable in his relationships. A non-conformist, he does not trust collective norms but prefers to assert his own freedom of thought and action. Very open-minded, he is always looking for new experiences, which pushes him to commit some adulteries…

10. Aries:

On the podium of the most unfaithful zodiac signs, Aries holds third place. And for good reason, he gives in to all his impulses without asking any questions. He likes to please and seduce and because he is very sociable, he meets people very easily. But Aries gets tired very quickly and is able to turn the page overnight. Which explains why he has no qualms about chaining relationships.

11. Gemini:

Gemini loves novelty and change. It is for this reason that he is the second most frivolous astrological sign. A great seducer, he prefers to collect conquests than to become attached. In fact, it is very difficult for him to commit because for him “the grass is always greener elsewhere” and the temptation is always too great not to succumb.

12. Sagittarius: the most fickle sign

AIE Aie Aie. If there’s one star sign you can’t trust in love, it’s Sagittarius. Holding the palm of infidelity, he accumulates relationships without a future to avoid getting bored. Because Sagittarius gets tired extremely quickly and prefers to venture into unknown lands more than to do what he already knows. Maybe in time, this versatile will find a balance in his relationships.

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