What Color Wallet Attracts Money?

What color wallet attracts money

It is said that a well-chosen wallet can bring good luck and make you rich. This accessory in your purse is not only a container of your finances, but also a magnet that attracts money.

The main rule is that you must choose your wallet yourself. Do not accept such things as a gift, there is a risk of tying the energy of another person to your wallet.

A black wallet will help get rid of financial problems. This color seems to control profitable deals, keep important projects and allows its owners to focus on work. In this case, the wallet can be different: made of leather or any other materials.

The red color of the wallet attracts good luck and success, allows the owner to feel confident and radiate positive. Thanks to this color, money will not be transferred. Purses with a red lining will do. Such an aggressive color will actively attract new financial flows.

A white wallet is a positive attitude towards reasonable savings. Such wallets are suitable for those who know their weakness for shopping and unplanned expenses. To become rich, it is not enough just to be frugal. Invest special financial talismans for good luck and attracting money.

Gold and silver shades of the wallet attract wealth, especially if you put a talisman inside that attracts money. Also suitable are banknotes of any denomination with special numbers, for example, a mirror number.

Green is considered the best color to attract money. This color does not allow you to spend too much, and also protects against theft and loss. But the most important thing is not the color. In fact, sympathy for your wallet plays a big role. If you really like it visually and functionally, then success has already been achieved by 50%.

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