The yo-yo effect: Why weight comes back after losing weight

yo yo efect

Health Desk, Delhi Magazine: The ice situation is probably familiar to many: you decide to lose another extra kilo and start a diet. After some time, if you have been strict, the results are there. However, time passes and. Oh no! The scales are starting to go up again , and your jeans are getting tight.

Why are the pounds coming back?

In their quest to reach and maintain a certain weight in the process of losing weight, people often fall into the trap of the yo-yo effect. It affects both men and women, regardless of age.

Most people lose weight quickly at first, but then regain all the weight they lost, and sometimes even more.

If this process is repeated many times, it becomes a vicious circle. Subsequently, this leads to a negative impact on our metabolism, health and body. Losing weight again becomes increasingly difficult, even though diet restrictions and heavy exercise are fully implemented.

The causes of the yo-yo effect can be different, but most often include:

Unhealthy methods of losing weight
Such are, for example, too much training and exhausting the body, as well as taking medications for weight loss. If unhealthy habits continue over the long term, losing weight becomes increasingly difficult. Very often it ends up with a yo-yo effect and regaining the previously lost pounds.

Drastic calorie restriction and fasting.
In this way, the body loses mostly muscle mass instead of body fat. And when muscle mass begins to decrease, the body automatically adapts and the metabolism slows down. Due to the reduced metabolic function, this makes the weight loss process more difficult.

What is the secret to a flat stomach?

How to lose weight without the yo-yo effect?

After we finish the diet and return to the normal way of eating, the body begins to accumulate fat to regain the lost energy, but also to store up for the next stressful moment, which will involve starvation or insufficiently nutritious food. If you’re having trouble keeping off the pounds you want and often experience the yo-yo effect, there are a few steps you can take to stop this cycle.

yo yo effect

First of all, you need to take weight loss as a constructive process. Weight loss should be long-term, not a few months.
Make small changes in your daily life that, in addition to losing weight, will also prevent the appearance of the yo-yo effect. For starters, it’s good to start consuming home-cooked food instead of eating out or ordering something you don’t know what’s in it.
Healthy eating should become a way of life, not something we turn to only when we want to lose weight.

Avoid processed foods and refined sugar. Increase your intake of vegetables and eat them at the beginning of your meal. In this way, you will reduce your appetite and prevent overeating.

Don’t completely give up your favorite foods. The key to maintaining a healthy weight is to simply eat smaller portions and eat less of the unhealthy foods.

A healthy breakfast for a perfect figure

Everyone wants quick results, but the body doesn’t work that way.

Metabolism will slow down when we lose weight. This happens because as we lose weight, the energy we need to function also decreases. The hormones that drive appetite, however, may not change their jobs as quickly. Therefore, it is difficult to keep our weight within the normal range.

The body just needs time to reach the desired kilos.

Rapid weight loss is not a solution to obesity, and fasting can cause serious health problems and the appearance of a yo-yo effect.

Let your body adapt to the new diet.

In many cases, this period takes several months (everyone is individual), after which the body begins to function normally and weight retention becomes much easier.

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