Advantage of Hiring a Professional Web Development Company

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Today is an era of digital marketing. Having online presence is must for a businessman. Business unit either small or large needs an effective online presence to reach the target audience. You need to hire an experienced professional web designer in order to get your presence felt in online marketing.

There are many web development companies across the world. One should do some effort to hire the best from the industry. As choosing the right web designer has several advantages, some of them are mentioned below.

1. Hiring a professional web designer company is an ideal way to get quality web designing services.

2. Web designer must be knowledgeable and experienced because he/she creates a platform for managing multiple clients and for effective communication between clients for the owner of website.

3. Benefit of latest tools and technology for making your website more creative and attractive to the eyes.
 • Custom web design technology.
• Web and mobile application development.
 • Marketing solution that drives sales.

 4. Save money for your website designing by hiring right and professional web designer firm. It helps you to save money as well as time. The cost of web development company Dwarka would depend on several factors such as:
 a) Features in the website.
 b) Design and animation.
 c) Functionality.

 5. Timely completion of project. Most of the web designing firm sets priority for completion of project on time.

It is important to clarify all the doubts before hiring any agency; you can talk to the developer regarding the maintenance of it. Once the website is developed, the professional would debug it and make sure that it is error free. When the website testing is done they would launch it and make it live and effective.

Search engine optimization is important feature on top of search engine result. SEO Companies in India know how to use SEO technique to boost your website ranking. So, a software development company is involved in various works like development, implementation and maintenance of software solution and provides custom made software solutions to its customers. Right web designer team is consists of:
 • Consultant
 • Designer
 • Developer

 All are committed to create a unique website. It offers customer services a top priority and instant resolution with expertise.


Web Designing Trends In 2016

There was enormous increase in the mobile traffic in 2015. But from 2016 onward & beyond the trend is going to change to semantic web.
 The trend is now much more image focused and responsive to
 • Single code base
 • Any screen size
 • Any platform
• Any orientation

 Adaptive web design: – Adaptive web design combined with responsive web design which helps users for searching website and according to designed layout, website is displayed. Use of media queries device detection.
 • It is like a fixed layout.
. • Some element can be fluid.
 • More customized approach/more coding.

img credit: dreamstime

 Responsive web design:-  This design is responsive to any device.
 • Fluid (%) based layout.
 • Use of media queries.
• Flexible content blocks, scalable type.
 • Grid based.
 • Ample white space.
 • Streaming down to basic layout & design for smartphone and tablet.
 • Good size mobile buttons.
 • Fast load time.
Website must have sticky content.

These are the content that keeps visitors on your site, encourage them to return frequently and inspire them to share your content. Some factors of increasing the dynamics of your website are:
 1. Typography:
 • No longer limited to standard fonts
• Google fonts
• Sizing and spacing

2. Large Hero Graphics:
 • Single high quality image
 • Emotive and animation

3. Ghost Buttons: 
• No solid fill overlaid on images.
• Clean and minimal.

4. Micro Intersection: 
 Engaging the user on single task. It is the detail that makes system feel more real.

5. Long Pages: 
 Vertical scrolling is more common so floating navigation on top of a page as user scrolls down. Use of High graphics to tell about your website. Homepage must have more images & videos. Nowadays people just log on to website, click on videos and able to understand what this website is about. Flood design technique is used in which there are no shadows, sharp edges, solid corners, block elements. These are various web designing trends of 2016 that makes your website look creative and dynamic.

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