Importance of Sanitary Pads?

In the present time, on one side we talk about the equality of women and men, on the other hand we are not able to give them equal status on issues like health. In the current era, for the advancement of the country and ourselves it is necessary that women and men should go step by step together. But women lag behind due to many stereotypes. One of these is health problems. Periods are a natural activity for women every month. But due to not paying proper attention, they have to deal with many serious diseases. These diseases also include cancer. According to a recent study, about 62% of the women in the country use clothes instead of sanitary napkins or any other product during periods. Cleanliness has to be taken care of during periods. But according to a survey, 62% of the women of the country use the same clothes repeatedly during periods. It is often seen that women do not openly talk about periods. Well this is a different matter. But the special thing is that more than half of the population uses cloth instead of pad. But it can be harmful for those women. This is because during periods, bad blood comes out of the body which is filled with many types of bacteria and viruses. Female genitals are susceptible to this type of bacteria. Using cloth can prevent bad blood from spreading outside but these viruses cannot be prevented. But if pads are used, these pads prevent bad blood from coming out after absorbing it. Due to which the blood-mixed viruses do not re-enter the female genitalia. Many fatal diseases occur due to not taking care of hygiene during periods-

Vaginal infection- Candidiasis is an infection in the genitals. The chances of this happening increase if your private parts are not kept clean. This infection occurs when the quantity of good bacteria in the vagina is low and the amount of yeast called Candida increases.
Cervical cancer – Prolonged bleeding during periods and not taking proper care increases the risk of it.
Cervix infection – This is an infection in the uterus. It can range from infertility to cancer if affected.
Infections of fallopian tubes and ovaries- There are many reasons for this, among which is a major reason for not maintaining hygiene during menstruation. This is the main reason for infertility in women. The fallopian tubes contain eggs and sperm fertilizers. But due to infection, this action is not possible and, in the end, they have to face infertility.
Not using sanitary pads in periods and using contaminated clothes repeatedly can lead to many such fatal and fatal diseases. Therefore, special care should always be taken about cleanliness during periods. Sickness of women affects the whole family. Therefore, it is also the responsibility of men to pay attention to the health of women during their periods.
This is a natural process for women, so the woman’s partner and family should be fully supported in these days. They should understand that this is common in periods.
– If a woman is not feeling well then give them space.
– Give them such an atmosphere that they feel lighter.
– Do not blame them.
– Avoid the needless talkie.
– Give them lots of love and care these days.
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