Congress Supported MLA Insulted Religious Flag Written “Shri Ram” on the Hill of Ambagarh Fort in Rajasthan

bhagwa dhawaj

Rajsthan Desk, Delhi Magazine: Let us tell you that in Ambagarh Fort of Jaipur, social organizations are protesting forcibly removing and tearing down the religious flag from a temple of Congress-backed MLA Ramkesh Meena. Along with this, action is being demanded against the MLA. After the uproar in this matter, Congress MLA from Adarsh Nagar in Jaipur, Rafiq Khan gave clarification. He said, ‘Taking down the flag is wrong.”

bhagwa dhawajThe video of tearing and disrespecting the saffron flag from Ambagarh Fort went viral, in which Ramkesh Meena is also seen. In the Ambagarh case on Twitter, people are tweeting against it. #Arrest_Ramkesh_Meena and are trending on Twitter.

People are demanding the arrest of MLA Ramkesh Meena, raising the issue of insult to the saffron flag.

Uttar Pradesh government’s information advisor Shalabhmani Tripathi targeted the Congress and said, ‘Rahul and Priyanka ji, this great humiliation of Hindus happening in entire Rajasthan under the leadership of your goons will become the last nail in the coffin of Congress, Congress blind in appeasement. Every brick on the saffron flag will be answered by a stone, wait, Jai Jai Shri Ram!!’. This video of Ambagarh is being used for polarization in the politics of Uttar Pradesh.

Case registered in Transport Nagar police station
The Transport Nagar police station of Jaipur has registered a case for removing and tearing the religious flag in Ambagarh, Jaipur. A case has been registered against unknown people for inciting religious sentiments and disturbing the peace. Before this, many Hindu organizations have demonstrated outside the police station on Thursday evening demanding registration of the case and arrest of the accused. Hinduist organizations are demanding action against Congress-backed MLA Ramkesh Meena. Hinduist organizations allege that a few days ago the idols in the temple in the Ambagarh Fort were also broken by the people of a particular community.

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