Chinese Conspiracy in US Schools: $17 Million Schools Funding, 20 Close to US Military Bases

Chinese funding in k 12

US Desk, Delhi Magazine: China is rapidly infiltrating the American education system. According to a report – China has funded about $ 17 million to public schools in America. Surprisingly, 20 of these public schools are located very close to US military bases.

American intelligence agencies have been keeping an eye on the students and teaching staff of these schools for a long time. The special thing is that most of the children studying in these schools are between five and six years old.

Many revelations in the PDE Reports

Recently, the American Organization Parents Defending Education (PDE) has released a report. It has been told that China’s interference in the American education system is increasing very fast. It has been told in the same report that China has recently funded more than $ 17 million in American schools. According to the report – even more dangerous is that 20 of these government schools are very close to American military bases.

It was further said in the same report – Most of the children studying in these schools are between five and six years of age. It is clear from this that the Communist Party of China wants children to be mentally in favor of China. This is the reason why he not only chose government schools for funding, but he is also eyeing to reach the American army on the pretext of education.

Fox News also eariler stated it

The PDE report states that three of America’s top science and technology high schools have been found to be directly funded by the Chinese government. These include Thomas Jefferson High School, Simpson County Schools, and the Kentucky School of Science and Mathematics. Washington Post also posted about this issue.

Republican Party raised the issue

The Republican Party has started surrounding President Biden on this issue. One of its committees said – it is time for the Biden government, which was sleeping in a deep sleep, to wake up immediately. China is conspiring to mentally enslave the next generation of Americans.
Republican MP Jim Banks has written a letter to Education Minister Miguel Cardona. It says – As soon as possible, the US government should cancel all the agreements made with China in the education sector. This is an issue related to our national security.

Why is the Biden Administration still silent on this matter? The country should also get its answer.

According to Banks – China and its ruling Communist Party have never been trustworthy. In such a situation, if the American Education Institute is getting help from him, then what would be more shameful than this. China is conspiring to mentally enslave the new generation. Even more dangerous than this is that it is posing a threat to the national security of America.

How is China doing this work

According to the report, the Chinese government is carrying out this conspiracy against America through its Confucius Institutes. On the surface, this institute promotes Chinese culture and language, but under its guise, it is spying in many countries of the world. A few days ago, the Rishi Sunak government of Britain had banned it.
In 2021, this conspiracy of China was revealed. After this, the Pentagon audited all the institutes run with the help of the Confucius Institute. When its report came to the fore, the departments of Confucius were quietly closed in 100 universities of America.

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