Fighting Between Afgan People and Taliban Near Panjshir, Freed Pul-e-Hisar District from Taliban Capture

Panjshir valley people beat taliban

Afghan Desk, Delhi – Magazine: This area located about 100 kilometers northeast of Kabul is considered a stronghold of the anti- Taliban. The Panchir Valley, a historic bastion of the Afghan rebellion, located about a hundred kilometers northeast of Kabul, is currently resisting the Taliban.

The Talibani Terrorists have captured almost the whole of Afghanistan. Panjshir is the only area outside Taliban control. According to the latest reports, the Taliban has sent a delegation to Panjshir to hold talks with Ahmed Masood, the son of Ahmad Shah Masood. At the same time, in an interview, Masood has said that he is ready for both talks and attacks.

Panjshir valley people beat taliban

Son of ‘Lion of Panjshir’ takes forward father’s anti-Taliban legacy with the support of Ex – Army Soldiers 

There are also reports of clashes between the Talibani Terrorists and local people around Panjshir. According to local sources in Panjshir, the militants have freed the Pul-e-Hisar district of Baglan province, about 50 km from here, from Taliban control. There are also reports of fierce fighting in Banu and Deh-e-Salah districts. People have started opposing the Taliban on the streets in different parts of country. Meanwhile, in the Panjshir area of ​​Afghanistan, full efforts have been made to fight against the Taliban. The Taliban’s caliphate has begun in Afghanistan and ex-soldiers in the Panjshir region have made up their mind to teach a lesson to Taliban fighters.

Panjshir Valley Ladies also Came in support Against Taliban.

panjshir valley ladies came against taliban

There may be an agreement on power between the Taliban and the Masood Group
Amrullah Saleh, the outgoing Vice President of Afghanistan, has declared himself the acting President of Afghanistan in the absence of Ashraf Ghani from Panjshir itself. Panjshir has now become a stronghold and center of opposition to the Taliban. Ahmed Masood has also sought help from foreign forces against the Taliban. A

Why is the Panchir a historic stronghold of anti- Taliban?

The Panchir is one of the 34 valleys that make up Afghanistan. Steep, mountainous and very difficult to access, this area is located about a hundred kilometers northeast of Kabul, in the Hindu Kush massif.

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